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Boys Only

Call admissions department for current tuition.

12-18 months

The program includes accredited academics, individual counseling, Positive Peer group
sessions, family support and counseling, self esteem building, and recreation therapy.

The at risk youth participates in a rigorous daily schedule consisting of emotional growth, Positive Peer
Culture group sessions, self-esteem building, goal setting and goal review sessions, service projects,
daily chores, life skills and independent living such as cooking and cleaning. Students also participate in
individual counseling twice a month.

Enroll Info: White River Academy provides 24/7 enrollment. The enrollment process can be expedited
or paced depending on the needs of the family. If you feel you are in need of immediate assistance
please contact us at our 24 hour Hotline 1-866-679-8336.


White River Academy can generally enroll your child in less than 24 hours depending on the family�s

The process of enrollment is as follows. First you need to speak with the WRA Admissions
Coordinator who can be contacted at Toll Free 1-866-679-8336 24 hour a day or e-mail at
enrollwra@whiteriveracademy.com . The coordinator will make sure that the student fits the criteria of
the program and then can answer any questions you may have regarding the program.


Once you have downloaded the enrollment agreement you will notice on the front page that there is a
list of items that we will need. Please check with your coordinator if you have any questions regarding
the items requested. Also the last page of the enrollment agreement is a list of clothing items needed.
Once you have these items finished we need to coordinate how the student will get to the school. Again
you may speak with your admissions coordinator regarding any questions. A coordinator is generally
available 24 hours a day.

Student Profile: We are unable to assist these students:

What kinds of teens are not appropriate for our program?
Those teens who have serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia, severe cases of bipolar, severe
cases of Tourette Syndrome, teens that have attempted suicide and other serious medical or legal
issues. We prefer to evaluate each student individually and decide at that time if that student fits the
criteria for our services.

The Program has outstanding educational opportunities for each student. Upon
enrollment the students begin their studies by enrolling in two courses called Life Skills and Personal
Development. These two courses orient a student as to what will be required of them both academically
and behaviorally to graduate from the program as well as high school. The student also will take
an assessment test called the TABE. This test assists the Academic Administration in deciding the
best course of study for each individual student. Students can benefit from the program by earning
Accredited High School credits at an accelerated rate. Students also benefit from the study skills and
discipline developed from this type of academic program. Grades are earned by hard work, individual
study, and completing assignments and mastery level tests. Each student is required to complete all
course material at an 80% or higher level, in order to pass the course.

Hiking, overnight camping trips (monthly), spelunking, movies, games, intramural sports
(softball, basketball, wrestling, etc�) water skiing, geological field trips (dinosaur fossils, trilobites)
bowling, and ice skating,

Therapy sessions twice per month with a Master Level Therapist (additional sessions

90 Minute Group sessions 5 times per week

Our goal is to offer an opportunity where in the family as a whole can participate
in assisting their loved one to accomplish the goals that have been established within the program.
In addition, parents and siblings are provided with the necessary skills to provide a constant support
for that child upon graduation from the program. This is accomplished by offering a series of seminars
that focus on issues that need to be addressed in the home such as: honesty, trust, self- esteem,
accountability, responsibility, anger management, communication, service, sacrifice, forgiveness, and
love. These seminars are interactive and provide an environment where in the healing process of the
family can be accomplished. It is strongly recommended that parents and family members attend an
onsite visit called Parents Weekend which takes place every 90 days.

The central position of Positive Peer Culture is that young people can develop self-worth,
significance, dignity, and responsibility only as they become committed to the positive values of helping
and caring for others. While this philosophy appears to be missing in many of today's education and
treatment programs, the general concept has a rich place in history. Shakespeare observed that "It is

one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely help another without
helping himself." Most major religions extol the virtue of service to others. An ancient Hindu proverb
advises "Help thy brother's boat across, and lo, thine own has reached the shore." (Posistive Peer Culture

by Vorrath and Brendtro)

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