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Troubled Teens Struggling Youth Help Line 866-968-8409
Struggling Youth Troubled Teens Help Line 866-968-8409

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East Tennessee Children's Home

PO Box 1147 
Elizabethton, TN 37643

(423) 542-4423

Melissa Marvell


Boys and Girls

Call admissions department for current tuition.

We require a one year commitment from both the family and child

There is a place in East Tennessee surrounded by God's awesome mountains, where children come to live, learn and grow. A place where Christ is exalted and love is the standard. In a perfect world, all little boys and girls would grow up to be responsible caring adults. But in an imperfect world, like the one in which we live, some children make poor choices or do not receive the love and attention they deserve. Yes, our children are basically good, but some have caused heartache and distress for their loved ones and schools.

In 1946, a man from east Tennessee, had a dream to build a safe haven for young people, for children seeking refuge from homelessness, abuse and neglect. Fred Smith, Jr. former preacher of First Christian Church in Elizabethton, Tn. got his dream after encountering children living in a jail cell, with no one to care for them. With the help of the church's board members, and the Lloyd Morrell family, Fred Smith achieved his goal. In 1950 the East Tennessee Christian Home (ETCH) opened its' doors, providing a safe Christian environment for at-risk children. Over the past 60 years, hundreds of at-risk children have passed through the doors benefiting from the services ETCH offers.

Our typical residents will display one of more of the following issues:

Abuse Issue-physical, sexual, and emotional

Family issues

Acting out behaviors

Lacks social skills and acceptable communication skills

Low self-esteem

Has experimented with drugs and or alcohol

Makes poor choices

Has academic difficulty in school

Associates with strong poor negative influences

To provide Christian-based residential and educational programs for adolescent girls who are hurting and at-risk to make a major and lasting difference in their lives

Group Homes

(423) 542-4423

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