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USA Guides - Youth Transport Service

USA Guides Youth/Teen Transport

1150 S. Bluff St., Suite # 5 
St. George, UT 84770
United States of America


Sherry Andersen, Director of Operations


Boys and Girls

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USA Guides was founded with the guiding principal of providing the highest level of professional services to our clients. Our singular goal is and always will be the welfare and safety of our clients.

Troubled or at risk teen, providing security for singles or senior citizens during their travels, or escorting a minor child to any destination

The Agents will then secure any personal belongings, medications, or other needed items of the teen's in the trunk of the vehicle along with the collected documents. At this point you the Parents will need to accompany our Agents to where the teen is, preferably in the bedroom and introduce the Agents to the teen and explain to the teen your love for them, and that this is for their welfare and what is taking place

A well prepared and informed transport team is a safe team

We have agents from various ethnic and religious backgrounds who are available for specific needs; many are multi-lingual in several languages. We have on staff clinical physiologist that specializes in adolescents. We also regularly consult with physicians, other clinical psychologist, youth counselors, and health care professionals whose entire careers are centered around helping troubled and at risk adolescents

Our Board of directors has combined over 88 years of professional business experiences, they have coupled this with over 15 years of Law Enforcement experience from a major metropolitan area, and integrated into these experiences state of the art technology to develop a synergy of capabilities and knowledge that is unsurpassed within the transport and escort industry

Teen Transport Services


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