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Freedom Village (NP)

Buffalo, NY


Dan Denson\Jen admissions

14 -


Call admissions department for current tuition.

One year

A Christian home for troubled teens

Your young person must be willing to come and be committed to staying

Struggling with Drugs, Alcohol, Rebellion, Prostitution, Suicide and just about everything else you can imagine

House over 150 students at our campus

Program students are permitted to correspond with you by mail from the beginning. In fact, we require they write home once a week. After the first two weeks your young person may call home once a week. His/Her earned privilege level will determine the amount of time they can spend on the phone. During the first year period there will be no home visits. To allow a visit before the young person is fully prepared has proven to be extremely detrimental. We have worked successfully with thousands of broken family situations and we know how to bring about the results you desire in your young person.

No one is turned away. The goal of the village is to give every young person an equal opportunity to achieve despite their financial status

To give every young person an equal opportunity to achieve despite their financial status.

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