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Glenhaven Youth Ranch

748 Glenhaven Road 
Plainview, AR 72857

(501) 432-5339

Quintin Swafford


Separate boys and girls facilities

Call admissions department for current tuition.

Long-term, Christian residential placement for young men and girls

Due to the volume of requests for placements that are received by this ministry, the information contained in this Preliminary Application allows our staff to evaluate whether your child may be a candidate for residence. Serve 20 boys

Young men at risk. Behavior problems, which include rebellion and disobedience. Most are behind academically, or have some form of learning disability

Academics in an innovative Christian school that emphasizes high standards, practical scholastic and vocational instruction, employability skills and attitudes, free enterprise principles and patriotism

Baseball, basketball and touch football. During the football and basketball seasons, they often watch local high school games. The young men have access to an indoor recreation facility where they can lift weights, play ping-pong or enjoy other indoor activities. There are opportunities for horseback riding and hiking in the Ouachita National Forest that surrounds Glenhaven. Planned outings include going to the local fishing spot or swimming hole. The Ranch cookouts are great a source of entertainment. During the summer, the young men and male staff participate in a 10-day hiking adventure in the Colorado Rockies

Traditional family units led by full-time Christian house parents and support staff

To provide an environment and the experiences needed for at-risk young men to succeed in following GodŐs plan for their lives, while also becoming responsible family members and citizens

Due to the donations by people supportive of this ministry, the tuition is able to be reduced to $1500 per month. For those parents or guardians who cannot afford this tuition, scholarships are available. A young man or woman is never accepted or rejected for placement based upon his family's financial status

Those in ministry at Glenhaven Youth Ranch believe that Jesus Christ is the solution to the everyday problems that young men face during their teenage years. Each young man who lives at the Ranch attends church regularly. He daily participates in devotions and prayer time with his houseparents.Ę Bible studies are also taught during school at Glenhaven Christian Academy.

Residential Treatment Center

(501) 432-5339

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