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Daniels Academy

Daniels, UT 84647
United States of America


Justin Robinson


Boys Only

Call admissions department for current tuition.

The average length of stay at Daniels Academy is from 10 to 12 months. However, lengths of stay vary in order to accomplish goals set forth in the treatment plan.

Daniels Academy is a small, family living-style boarding school where students focus on academics, personal development, and quality recreation. Unlike a traditional boarding school, Daniels Academy provides a strong therapeutic base. We provide our students with the tools, experiences, and guidance that enables them to make successful life choices and live responsible, productive lives of service to themselves, their families, and their communities. From our first-rate academics, to proven clinical practice, to world-class experiential education, Daniels Academy offers the premier program for helping young men to achieve their potential.

We look foward to discussing how Daniels Academy can help transform your son's life.

Enroll Info: To enroll a student in Daniels Academy, contact our Admissions Director, Clayton Justeson. If necessary, Clayton can assist in arranging for student transport through USA Guides.

Does your child struggle with any of the behaviors listed below? If so, Daniels Academy can help! Our program is successful in helping adolescent males ages 13 through 17 that are suffering at home, school and in their social lives.
• Low Self-Esteem • ADD/ADHD
• Depression
• Anger and Emotional Pain
• Oppositional/Defiant Behavior
• Self-Destructive Behavior
• Substance Abuse • Failure to Achieve Academically
• Problems With Authority
• Low Motivation
• Anxiety
• Behavioral and Emotional Instability
• Adoption Issues
• Divorce Issues
• Irresponsibility
• Runaway Behaviors
• Peer Group Difficulties
• Bipolar Disorder • Suicidal Tendencies
Other issues are considered on a case-by-case basis

The academics at Daniels Academy is project-based, experiential, and individually tailored to each student. Credit recovery and acceleration are available to help students reach their goals. Our academic program accommodates a wide range of learners, from a traditionally successful student to one who may be struggling in traditional learning environments. Executive functioning skills are taught and emphasized, preparing students to be successful well beyond graduation.

Students will identify and learn how to manage learning issues that may have interfered with their success in the past. Daniels Academy uses a wide range of pedagogical approaches to prepare students to be successful in traditional college, university, vocational, or other educational environments.

Quality recreation is an important part of any healthy person's life. At Daniels Academy, our experiential education program emphasizes artistic expression through a variety of media as well as true Adventure Education. Students have the opportunity to grow their skills in many areas, including: film making, ceramics, rock climbing, snowboarding/skiing, graphic design, cycling, and athletics.

Besides allowing students to have FUN and be exposed to a variety of new and challenging experiences, these activities give students new in-roads to various aspects of their lives. By associating new experiences with old feelings and properly contextualizing coping behaviors, students learn to re-create their concept of leisure, wellness, and enjoyment in a healthy context. Students gain confidence and self esteem by developing new skills and refining previous talents.

Student life at Daniels Academy is not all work and no play. Students have access to a wide variety of activities. students have the opportunity to participate in activities such as:
Day trips to local lakes
Mountain Biking
Ropes Courses
Cultural activities including trips to local museums and historical sites
rock climbing
snow boarding

Our therapeutic program emphasizes awareness, self esteem, acceptance, relationships and inherent curiosity. We help students to identify and effectively manage significant emotions and emotional experiences. Working in conjunction with the student's family, academic faculty, and student living staff, our clinical team will consider all aspects of a student's life to design a tailored treatment plan. This plan will address the needs of the student from a holistic perspective of emotional, psychological, social, physical, academic and family relationship perspectives. The supportive therapeutic environment will set the stage for understanding and overcoming obstacles that have prevented success for the student in the past.

2000 square foot modern facitility for 18 young men in the beautiful Ut mountains

At Daniels Academy we believe that family support and involvement are crucial to the success of our students. Parents and students are actively involved in Family Systems therapy throughout the treatment process. Every student has a phone call to his family on a weekly basis. Also, each student’s therapist has a weekly phone call with parents.

Visitation is also encouraged and can be arranged through the student’s therapist.

At Daniels Academy, you and your child are part of a team that is dedicated to promoting healthy growth and providing help. We do not consider your child a fix-it project. We know you don't either. Instead, we see all of us as a team, working together, each with an important role to play. We do not blame or find fault at Daniels Academy. Instead, we focus on solutions to problems by asking each team member to take appropriate responsibility and do their part to assist in the growth process. The truth is, when parent, child, and staff work together the probability for success is much greater - we really do need your help.

Financing is available through various sources.

Clarke Custom Loans

Ed Calahan Program Director
Brian Murdock Clinical Director

The specialties we offer at Daniels Academy are

Positive Peer Culture
Individualized Education
Family Systems Therapy
Aftercare Program
We take diabetic students on a case by case basis

Residential Treatment Center


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