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Troubled Teens Struggling Youth Help Line 866-968-8409
Struggling Youth Troubled Teens Help Line 866-968-8409

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El Pueblo Boys & Girls Ranch--

1 El Pueblo Ranch Way 
Pueblo, CO 81006
United States of America

719) 404-1107

Janelle Grover, Admissions Team Leader



Call admissions department for current tuition.

9 months

A residential childcare facility that provides residential treatment to young, at-risk 106 adolescent boys and girls.

Girls-conduct disorders
Boys-conduct disorders
Will deal with overly sexual and offender boys and girls...seperated from main population, will take adjudicated offenders.

Hurt, broken, angry, and lacking self-esteem.

A Special Education Instructor, an Educational Aid-school is operational and the students are kept seperate during school in seperate wings of the facilty

A Recreation Specialist is in charge of activities. Have a brand new gym at the facility fo rthe students to enjoy, equipped with weights and other equipment, has dressing rooms and the students populations remain seperate at all times.

Master level therapists work with the students an average of once a week, more therapy is available when needed. Cognitive Behavioral approach to deal with the biological, psychological, intellectual, spiritual, and social needs of the children

The Therapeutic Cottages are self-contained, family-style living units

Family therapy is incorporated immediately, twice a month there will be family therapy.

Is a private, non-profit organization serving the needs of """"""""at-risk"""""""" youth and their families.- By creating an environment of safety and loving care, youth and their families learn the skills they need to become productive members of the community.

Call admissions of more details

Patty Erjavec
President / CEO

El Pueblo Boys' & Girls' Ranch has been serving children for 42 years

Substance abuse
reflection centers, cottages built for children that are having more needs then their peers, they stay a few days to re-group and work more one on one with staff.

Programs for 12 and Under

719) 404-1107

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