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To get the best results the program length is generally 9-12 months. That is usually determined by her attitude and how she is progressing in the program.

When you were first blessed with your daughter, you had hopes and dreams for her future. Those hopes and dreams may now seem only a distant memory.

At the Meadowlark Academy school for girls we encourage you as a parent to rekindle those dreams. To believe again in the promising future you once held for your daughter. At the Meadowlark Academy school for girls, we incorporate some of the most successful disciplines to help change the current life course your daughter has embarked upon.

Your child can be enrolled at any time. Usually the enrollment process is very simple and very fast. When you are ready we are ready. There is always someone at the facility to accept your child.

When students arrive at Meadowlark Academy they typically have not been doing very well in school and many are behind in their school work. The major part of the day is spent doing school work, each student will have to complete their assignments with at least a "B" or 80% proficiency to move to the next assignment. This will help when the child is ready to come home and make the transition back into life at home, and their previous school. School work is accredited through the Minneapolis School District # 239. This is an advantage over other schools of this type. Academics transfer very easily from one school district to another with no worry about the acceptance of curriculum from an outside education source. School work will be done mostly on line, with the assistance of a teacher in the classroom. There will be one computer for every two students..

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The staff at the Meadowlark Academy school for girls is committed to value each youth and family we serve. Our emphasis is on treating youth in a fair, non-abusive environment where they receive the help they and their families need.

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Discriminating among the many programs or evaluating the effectiveness of your child's current program can be a daunting challenge. The Professionals we work with provide consultation to families with a personal approach. You are assured that you are in good hands.

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