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Minimum 60 Days

Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. (TTS) is an at-risk girls', Christian-based, therapeutic residential treatment center program. TTS utilizes animal therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy on a breath taking 4,000 acres at the base of the Beartooth Mountain Range. Our Catholic girls school for struggling teens is dedicated to helping young women of all Christian denominations through an education in fundamental Christian principles and virtue formation.

Endeavoring to educate the mind, strengthen the body, and elevate the spirit, each young woman that comes to TTS is seen as unique, precious, and unrepeatable. By placing emphasis on Christian moral principles, these young women are challenged to develop a new perspective on life. Healing begins when she can recognize that life is sacred, and they can help to make it so by discovering their God-given talents in His wonderful creation. Through a strong emotional growth program and active participation in experiential education, academics, chores and caring for animals, all while living in cozy country cabins, young women develop a new sense of self-worth, dignity, a positive work ethic, a sense of responsibility, and practical life skills.

Hassle Free" Tuition and Admission

Unlike other residential treatment centers, we do not tack on additional expenses for admission, enrollment, clothing or activities. We understand how overwhelming this process is and want to make it as easy as possible. Therefore, TTS has chosen to go with an all inclusive tuition.

The daily interventions and activities are formulated to reach your daughter's special needs in order to help eliminate her problematic behavior. This process takes about 18 months.


Weekly Group and individual therapy
Personality Inventories and Clinical Assessments
24 hour supervision by our highly specialized staff
Therapeutic approaches listed on Therapy description web page
Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements
Holy Cowgirl Manual- includes personal and spiritual growth material.
High protein, complex carbohydrate foods
Transportation to and from Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody, Wy
Family intensive therapy per treatment plan
Weekly phone conferencing with staff
Disposable cameras
Residential treatment centers for troubled teen girls build dignity


Medication management by Psychiatrist
Special therapy not listed like EMDR, etc.
Parent phone consultations with Dr. Hassler (We recommend 6 parent sessions)
Family therapy not listed above
Prescription medications
Any other academics not listed on TTS Academics

Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. a residential treatment center helps struggling young women, ages 12-17, who display difficulty in these areas:

Beyond parent control

Rebellious, angry, defiant Dealing with issues of Abandonment
Low self esteem

Emotionally troubled Alcohol/Drug/
Cigarette usage
Divorce Reaction

Suspended or expelled from school Adoption issues
Grief or Loss

ADD/ADHD Academic under-
Peer/Sibling Conflict

Choosing the wrong friends Anger management
Having trouble coping with past

Impulsive or hyperactive Anxiety Sexual promiscuity

The academic program of Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. a residential treatment center, is designed to promote self-discovery, constructive interaction with others and a deeper understanding of nature through experiential, adventure, and environmental education, as well as course work for high school credit.

Our educational philosophy emphasizes the use of experiential education. We provide participants with outdoor learning experiences that are reflected upon, processed, and analyzed, emotionally, and intellectually.

We believe that challenges are inherent to the experiential learning process. Using the natural world as a classroom affords us many opportunities to expand the participant's life experiences and encourages personal growth. Support, trust and respect are valued and promoted throughout all phases of instruction, management, and administration.

Our residential treatment centers for troubled teen girls learn academic self-motivation

During your daughter’s stay at TTS, she will be required to continue her academic studies. We have combined experiential education with independent study courses. This academic approach encourages girls to get interested in their own education. Because their problematic behavior is getting in the way of their education, girls that come here are typically struggling in school. While continuing her education, your daughter will work on those behaviors that are interfering with her schooling.

We use an independent study course that is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges, Universities (NASCU), and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). This accreditation source is reciprocal with other accreditation agencies, meaning that earned credits are generally transferable. However it is always best to make sure that her school will honor the credits.

When enrolling your daughter you will need to provide TTS with her high school’s ACT Code, high school name and address. An ACT code is only required for high school students. You can get this number from her high school’s counseling office. By supplying an ACT code, you give permission to inform her High School of her activity and grades in the courses.

Our boarding schools for struggling teen girls find hidden talents

As part of our unique therapeutic approach your daughter will be earning credits in school for the personal goals and changes that she is making in herself. Some classes include the following:

Character Education:-Exploring Values 1
(0.5 high school credits in literature or social science but not both)

A literary study of basic values.
Examines the consequences of having or lacking courage, self-discipline, compassion, respect, honesty, work, and trust. Providing academics in our therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teen girls

Character Education:-Exploring Values 2
(0.5 high school credits in literature or social science but not both)

A literary study of basic values.
Examines the consequences of having or lacking confidence, generosity, humility, obedience, determination, reliability, tolerance, forgiveness and excellence.
Character Education:-Exploring Values 3
(0.5 high school credits in literature or social science but not both)

A literary study of basic values including mercy, patience, grace, gratitude, accountability, loyalty, patriotism and self-sufficiency.

Academic programs for problem teen girls with behavior problems

If your daughter stays longer than 60 days she will continue her schooling, taking into consideration the length of extension in the program and what we can complete in that time.

Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. a residential treatment center that focuses on each young woman’s uniqueness, helping her to find the beauty within, heal past wounds, grow inner strength, instill a conscience and learn to manage herself in today’s society.

Emotional growth programs for troubled teen girls with behavior problems heals inner wounds

Boarding schools for struggling teen girls develop social skills


To develop a strong sense of self, including a knowledge of her strengths and limitations
To be respectful to self and others
To improve her relationship with God and develop a continuous relationship with God.
To develop and use conscience as a basis for making decisions.
To connect with others through assertiveness and honesty.
To increase taking responsibility for own action
To improve how she values herself, including protection from assault or exploitation
To increase motivation for normal wholesome adolescent activities such as school, family, work, peer relationships and extracurricular activities.

Treatment Approach

By using a ranch setting, animal assisted therapy and a individual care plan tailored to the needs of each person we challenge young women to create healthier lives and make appropriate choices, which honor God, self and others. The average length of stay is 8-12 months, with the minimum stay of 45 days.

Modalities and Activities

1. Family Systems: We examine each girl in her context, including family and peer relationships, relationships to authority, relationship to self and to God. We use intensive family therapy (usually 4 hours long), weekly updates and scheduled telephone conferences.

2. Group Therapy: We use group therapy to help young women invent new solutions to old problems, see personal strength, identify needs and encourage progress.

3. Individual Therapy: We use individual therapy and develop individual care plans to identify problems, invent solutions, evaluate progress, and prepare to re-enter communities.
Residential treatment centers for problem teen girls builds honesty

4. Nutritional Therapy: We use complex carbohydrate/high protein diet, and pharmaceutical grade supplements to cleanse and improve physical and emotional health.

5. Art Therapy: We use art therapy to identify body image problems, future goals, expressing problems and group sharing, to enhance personal insight.

6. Exercise: Reasonable amounts of physical activity to promote health, induce expression of emotions and solve underlying problems, such as walking, jogging, calisthenics.

7. Use of daily routine: We use the daily routines to enhance care of the self, encourage independent problem solving, increase organizational skills, and improve motivation.

8. Relationship Therapy: We use dynamics of relationships to encourage emotional and spiritual growth. Our central philosophy is “the family teaches right action through example, teaching and role models. The family is the safe place where adolescent girls hear and understand values they need in order to thrive. As a staff, we provide such a family setting; where the girls know they are loved. They reciprocate those feelings. We lead, guide, teach by example.

9. Bibliotherapy: We provide young women and her parents with relevant books and tapes to create self awareness and gain from the problem solving skills of others. We use, Reviving Ophelia, The Bible, Hinds Feet on High Places, Rachel’s tears, Parent in Control, Back in Control, Screwtape Letters, Over-Indulged Children, just to name a few.

10. Spiritual Activities: We use prayer, daily Mass, scripture reading, group discussion, role play and modeling to enhance the young woman’s relationship with her Creator.

11. Journaling: Journals are used to express feelings and reactions to events and map progress.

12. Aftercare/Referral: The family helps plan aftercare responsibilities. Roles are clarified; an agreement on rules and responsibilities, supervision, and privileges is reached.

Individual Care Plans

An individual care plan is developed for each young woman. This plan addresses unique needs of the student and her family. Care plans are reviewed and approved by the Director and the Clinical supervisor. The plan is used to help her identify and solve problems and is reviewed by staff as needed each week. Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. is always assessing and tailoring treatment to enhance growth for each unique girl and her family.


Our philosophy is to manage symptoms and behaviors naturally without medications. We prefer to use the minimal amount of medications possible if necessary to manage symptoms. If your daughter is admitted on medications we will evaluate to decrease medications and hopefully discontinue them prior to discharge.

4000 acres in Wyoming

After you get your daughter to Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. a residential treatment center, and peace is restored in your home, then you can begin to focus on assessing the unique dynamics of your family. TTS will assist this process by:

1) Parent Handbook and Packet- After your daughter is admitted you will be sent a family packet with a Parent Handbook and instructions to prepare for your daughter's family intensive therapy day and her discharge.

2) Family Intensive Therapy- Trinity Teen Solutions highly recommends that parents participate in family therapy with their daughters. We offer interim family therapy sessions per treatment team recommendations and on discharge. The valuable time spent with your daughter will provide long term benefits by helping you discover the weaknesses and strengths that are unique to your family unit.

The intensive family therapy sessions will reunite the families with their "new" daughter. We have found that families and their daughters are always nervous about how to reunite and start their "New lives". Therefore we provide family therapy that will provide families with valuable tools and unity for their arrival home. Families will acquire parenting tips, tools to help them control their homes and daughters, rebuild trust, gain forgiveness and learn to appreciate each other again.

3) Weekly phone conferencing- Staff will provide updates on your daughter's progress and valuable parenting tips.

4) Weekly emailed summary reports.

5) Emailed Photos.

By removing young women from their usual surroundings, we challenge old problematic behaviors and promote personal growth. By changing their settings, daily routines, manner of dress and relationship with God, they are able to redefine and rediscover their unique identity with emphasis upon God-given dignity, personal responsibility, and right action.

Joseph Hyland, M.A.: Clinical Director Teacher/Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor # 950
B.S. History Education
M.A. Christian Counseling from Franciscan University of Steubenville
Seminary Studies in Philosophy & Theology
Taught 2 years at High School level
Served as Campus Minister
4 years experience working with at risk youth

Justin D. McColl (J.D.) Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor # 957
Certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Member of American Counseling Association
Psyche Assistant for assessment firm
B.A. Philosophy
M.A. Christian Counseling from Franciscan University of Steubenville
Four Years United States Navy Submarine Service,
Good Conduct Medal
Missionary work throughout United States and Mexico
Business owner and operator
Manager in Security Firm for Fortune-Five-Hundred Company
Experienced cowhand and rancher
Four years Experience working with at risk youth

Angie Woodward RN-Director and Owner
Registered Nurse licensed in Wy. For 20+ years
Special training in psychiatric, emergency and intensive care medicine
Certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Administrating and assisting at-risk youth for 10+ years

Jerry Woodward-Administrative Director and owner
Trained at Wyo. Law enforcement academy
Served as a sheriff deputy for Natrona county
At risk Ranch field manager for 10+ years

Rebecca Pfaller – Lead Field Advisor
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Franciscan University of Steubenville
10 years experience with youth work
Experience with in-patient mental health and addiction recovery therapy for teens and adults
Seven years agriculture experience

Amelia Strohmeyer - Licensed Teacher, Field Advisor

BA in Education from Western Washington University
Four months volunteer work in San Jose, Costa Rica
Voluntered in Tijuana, Mexico
4 years experience teaching Religious education
3 years experience working at Summer Language Camp for teens
20 years outdoor experience
Sarah Deacon - Field Advisor, Licensed Teacher
Bachelor of Arts in Theology from University of Dallas
Master's degree in Secondary Education from Creighton University
2 years teaching at a low-income, inner-city, private school
4 years teaching religious education
3 summers at Girls and Boys Town working with at-risk youth in job training program

Ann Gagnier - Field Advisor
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Ave Maria University
12 years experience working with children
10 years outdoor experience and coaching
4 years experience in riding horses and animal husbandry
2 years International Leadership Training in Dignity of Women

Mary Slattery - Field Advisor, Equine Specialist
Studied Agricultural Business
Mission work for Indian Reservation schools
21 years agricultural experience
21 years equine experience
Studies in equine and equestrian competition in western riding

Mental Health Consultant: Ajakai Hassler, Ph.D.
Certifications: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Wyoming License # 077
AAMFT Approved Supervisor and Clinical Member
EAGALA Certified Level 2
EMDR Certified Level 2, 13 years experience
Certified Equine Assisted psychotherapist
Memberships: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapist, approved supervisor and clinical member.
Specialties: 38 years experience with at risk youth and their families

Family Issues
Woman's Issues
Trauma Recovery
Developmental and Aging Issues Co-Dependency
Inner Child Issues
Career and Work Issues
Spiritual Issues
Divorce and Step Family Issues

Catholic Program for Troubled teen girls

Residential Treatment Center


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