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Mary Jo Hebling

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Boys and Girls

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At Buxmont Academy we have a 30-year history of success helping young
people who are struggling with behavioral, emotional and substance abuse
issues to turn their lives around. We believe that all young people are capable of
change and growth, and we won't give up on them. Research has proven that
youth in Buxmont programs improve significantly in terms of behavior, social
values and self-esteem. Our goal is to return youth to their home setting as
quickly as possible. Students reside in nurturing family homes, situated in
attractive neighborhoods, with a maximum of six boys or girls. In this structured
environment, closely supervised by caring, highly trained houseparents, young
people learn to make better life choices. Youth attend one of our schools, located
close to our homes, rounding out a cohesive, 24-hour treatment setting. In
addition to individualized academics, art, music and state-of-the-art computer
training, our schools provide intensive counseling and group activities. Like our
residences, each Buxmont Academy school is a vibrant, supportive student and
staff community. Youth can enroll at Buxmont Academy at any time. We also
offer a summer session. Buxmont programs are affiliated with the International
Institute for Restorative Practices, a graduate school and training and consulting
organization dedicated to education in restorative practices. Restorative
practices, which are utilized in all Buxmont programs, combine a high level of
control with a high level of support and engage people, doing things WITH them,
rather than TO them or FOR them. Buxmont Academy is a member of NATSAP.

We accept youths who:

Have mental health or self-esteem issues
Exhibit aggressive, impulsive or ungovernable behavior
Abuse drugs or alcohol
Are chronic truants or runaways
Have family problems or have suffered physical, emotional or sexual abuse
Are transitioning from shelters, youth detention settings or other placements
Are pregnant

Yes, individual and family counseling is available

At Buxmont Academy, family involvement is an essential element of restorative
practices. We directly engage families in their children's lives.

Mary Jo has worked with children and adolescents since 1980. After many years as a teacher, she joined CSF as an individual and family counselor in 1990. As Assistant Director of CSF’s Residential Program, she trains counselors and houseparents to work with adolescents in a restorative manner

Our residential program provides:

Practical family experience that youths can bring back to their home setting
Structured time before and after school and on weekends
A daily regimen of chores, including cooking and cleaning
Recreational activities
Employment, community service and other restitution repayment opportunities
Daily group sessions, weekly house meetings and regular counseling circles to:
Examine current issues and problem solve
Reinforce social skills and appropriate behavior
Thoroughly trained houseparents with 24-hour support and professional supervision
Highly qualified counselors and caseworkers who:
Oversee all youths’ concerns
Streamline communication with referral sources
Frequent family counseling sessions and reunification support
Transportation services
Good communication between our houseparents, counselors and caseworkers and the client’s parents, probation officer, C&Y caseworker and therapist

Group Homes


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