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Catalyst is a 24 bed clinically-driven substance abuse and dual diagnosis residential treatment center for boys ages 13-17. The Catalyst program integrates the highest standards of residential treatment with proven and innovative models of substance abuse treatment. With our small enrollment and home-like atmosphere, treatment is tailored to the strengths and needs of each boy.

With over 100 years of collective experience in residential and substance abuse treatment, the Catalyst leadership team presents students and families with a comprehensive treatment program. We are truly committed to our mission to “create opportunities for meaningful change and success for all those associated with the program.”

Our vision includes leading boys on the path to manhood and true freedom, and leading families on the path to wholeness and happiness. A central part of our treatment involves helping youth and families develop balance in six core elements of their lives: family, physical, mental, social, spiritual, and emotional. Our triathlon training program is one important component of our treatment that helps boys experience health, accomplishment, and personal success.

Primary Focus
We specialize in treating young men who struggle with:

Substance Misuse
Substance Abuse
Substance Addiction

Coexisting Disorders
We also provide the highest quality of treatment for coexisting disorders which include:

Suicidal ideation
Relational problems
Low frustration tolerance
Adoption issues
Self-injurious behaviors
Low self-esteem
Eating Disorders
Academic problems

Catalyst offers an accredited academic program. Classes are kept small to foster a positive learning environment. Students receive credit in 9 areas every 10 weeks. Courses are based in the core areas - math, science, English, and history - as well as PE, psychology, adult roles, group interaction, and other electives. Catalyst is also able to utilize independent study courses offered through BYU when needed.

Research indicates that daily cardio activity can have a more stabilizing effect on emotional disorders than the combined treatment of medications and therapy.

At Catalyst an important part of our therapy involves training for triathlons one and a half hours a day, six days a week. Students will be involved in training and may compete in community based triathlons.

Catalyst is a therapy intensive program. This means each boy receives a minimum 15 hours of therapeutic treatment weekly. In addition, each boy will receive 10-12 hours of triathlon training each week with one or more licensed therapists.

Catalyst is a relationship-based program where fostering positive relationships is more important than compliance. We view behavior as an outward expression of inward thoughts and feelings. Our program is specifically designed to facilitate change through the positive relationships your son will forge with staff and other students, as well as improved relations with family. Your son will also learn and demonstrate leadership skills which will aid in his recovery from substance abuse and emotional isolation

Catalyst is operated in a beautiful large colonial style home surrounded by many acres of open space on the outskirts of Brigham City, Utah. We are also conveniently located about 50 minutes north of the Salt Lake International Airport

Holistic Approach
At Catalyst, we believe that boys are most likely to find health and happiness when they achieve balance in six Core Elements of life: familial, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and social. Our program is comprehensively designed to help boys and their families gain balance and well-being in these elements

Catalyst was formed by people who value the worth of individuals and know the importance of family and a balanced lifestyle. Each is dedicated to helping students and families achieve balance and heal from the scars of addiction and emotional calamity.

catalyst rtc, llc
Location: (Not Mail) 970 South 1025 West brigham city, utah 84302
Contact: kreg edgmon, director Phone: 801 4525511
Mail: 1108 n alfred ave
kaysville, UT 84037 County: box elder
License: Type: RENEWAL Begins: 2/1/2010 Ends: 1/31/2011
Service: Residential Treatment Specific:
Capacity: 24 Gender: MALE Ages: 13-18 years old

Licensor: Shawna Cales

Catalyst RTC

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(435) 723-4600

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