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Indian Oaks Academy offers a variety of programs and services.

Residential Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Program
This program is comprised of three distinct treatment units for males ages 12 to 21.

* Program 1, NFL Zone, Males ages 12 to 16
* Program 4, Crossing, Males ages 16 to 21
* Program 6, Soundwaves, Females ages 12 to 21

Developmentally Delayed Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Program
This program provides specialized treatment to adolescent males who have either been adjudicated for a sexual offense or who struggle with problematic sexual behaviors. These youth are developmentally cognitively challenged with IQs between 55 and 70 and do not experience significant medical difficulties.

# Program 2, All-Stars, Males ages 15 to 21

Residential Psychiatric Treatment Program
This treatment program is designed for females ages 12 to 21 who exhibit emotional, behavioral and/or psychiatric disturbances and can benefit from a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and/or residential treatment.

# Program 5, Phoenix, Females ages 12 to 21

Developmentally Delayed Psychiatric Treatment Program
This gender-responsive program is uniquely designed for low-functioning females (IQs 60-80) who display severe emotional and/or behavioral problems. The program addresses the specific developmental issues faced by these adolescents in the areas of sexuality, chemical health, family relationships and other behavioral conditions.

# Program 7, The Opportunity Zone, Females ages 12 to 21

Special Treatment Unit for Girls at Riverside Medical Center (Chrysalis Program)
This is a gender-responsive psychiatric in-patient program for severe, emotionally nad behaviorally disturbed adolescent females ages 12 to 17 who need acute crisis stabilization and currently reside in, or are returning to, residential treatment. Average length of stay is 18 days.

Safe Harbor School
On-site privatized education for grades 7-12 is provided by Safe Harbor School.

Admissions staff can provide some options for obtaining financial assistance for families, if needed. There may be some government grants available since Indian Oaks Academy is a licensed and accredited provider of residential treatment.

If you would like to discuss a specific case or simply want additional information about Indian Oaks Academy, contact Admissions Supervisor Becky Dafoe.

Indian Oaks Academy offers highly effective treatment programs for male and female adolescents with a wide variety of emotional and behavioral problems.

Usually, a referral source, such as a probation officer, therapist or attorney, for example, will refer a child to residential treatment; at this point, the child has been through counseling, group therapy, support groups or other types of treatment, and nothing has helped. The next option is a residential treatment program. Indian Oaks Academy admissions criteria are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Education: On-site educational services are incorporated into the treatment programs. The school programs comply with Illinois Department of Education guidelines for primary and secondary schools.

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