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Located in the Green Mountains of southwestern Vermont, Bromley Brook girls boarding school is a place designed specifically for girls. It is a school where teenage girls who have difficulty finding success in a traditional school setting, are empowered to find their own voice and lead a more gratifying life.

Bromley Brook girls boarding school combines rigorous academics with personal exploration and family communication to prepare girls for future success as young women.

We follow a demanding college preparatory curriculum with a strong emphasis on science, mathematics, technology, and expressive arts.

# Girls age 13-17
# Underachieving
# Experiencing self-image issues
# Breaking family rules
# Sexually acting out
# Isolating from family and/or friends
# Lacking social skills
# Depressed
# Anxious
# Experiencing attention challenges
# Experiencing difficulties in reading, spelling, written/oral language, executive functioning (organizational and study skills)
# FSIQ of 95 and above
# College or career bound
# Open to learning and willing to come to the school

The Bromley Brook boarding school for girls course of study is a demanding college preparatory academic curriculum. Our unique approach to curriculum design makes science, mathematics, technology, and expressive arts accessible to all students. All elements of our curriculum promote self-regulation and vital results based learning.

When a student enters Bromley Brook boarding school for girls, she undergoes an intense, two-week period of Individualized Personal Assessment that includes extensive personality and academic testing. Faculty and counselors use the results of her Assessment to create an Individualized Academic Plan based on her unique learning styles, strengths and challenges. For example, an auditory learning style may mean that a student absorbs knowledge best through lecture and discussion. Visual learners grasp material through reading and film, whereas a kinesthetic learner likes a "hands-on" approach in her classes. Some students will use a combination of learning styles.

Upon enrollment, the student is assigned to an individual counselor. The counselor works with the student and her family to set emotional and family goals during her stay at Bromley Brook School. The counselor also arranges weekly phone calls home and maintains contact with educational consultants, if applicable.

Students meet weekly with their counselor for an individual therapy session, and, in addition, participate in one to two therapy groups each week. The therapy groups are focused on self-awareness and positive change covering topic areas such as anxiety management, problem-solving, effective communication, family matters, relationships, and transitions. Students first participate in the Orientation Group for approximately 6-8 weeks, as a way to connect with other new girls and to support their adjustment to the program. They will then be assigned to a focused therapy group or groups. The therapy groups run for the length of a full trimester.

We are most effective in encouraging the process of change when we can work collaboratively with families to deliver clear and consistent expectations. Communicating with the student in a united voice will allow her the opportunity to make the greatest strides at our school. We ask parents, therefore, to partner with us in support of their daughters. We strive to help the student strengthen her commitment to responsibility, accountability, and success. Parents can support us and their daughters in these areas by honoring therapeutic recommendations and following through consistently with school policies.

Bromley Brook School is designed specifically for girls; it is not just a school that enrolls girls. Bromley Brook takes the time-honored traditions of all-girls boarding schools that are designed to meet the specialized learning requirements and unique social needs of girls, and enhances it with professional mentoring, leadership training, and strong family involvement.

Bromley Brook boarding high school enrolls girls who know they are capable of more, but do not yet have the strength of character to confidently pursue their passion. Struggling socially, emotionally and academically, Bromley Brook girls dream of what is possible but have no voice to make it so. This school graduates young women who are confident, strong, and unwilling to settle for less. They are passionate, and motivated to lead a fulfilling, gratifying life.

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