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Pegasus Schools, Inc. Residential Treatment Center is a growing, vibrant environment where 175 neglected and abused boys come to live, work, receive an education and treatment for a variety of presenting problems. Treatment focus ranges from very specific issues such as sex offense specific treatment for juveniles with sexual behavior problems to broader multi-focus treatment plans for boys at our Freedom program

Sex Offender program offered seperate facility

On Campus Education

In the fall of 2002, Pegasus Schools Inc. established a Charter School facilitated, staffed, and monitored by the University of Texas at Austin. The customized curriculum allows each student the opportunity to make up for educational opportunities lost due to former circumstances. Each resident undergoes a comprehensive academic assessment and an educational plan is developed based on factors including his cognitive and educational acumen as well as his past educational experiences and chronology.

Through generous donations, The Barron Hilton Education Building was built and originally had six individual classrooms, a computer room, a teacher work room, and the school administrative offices in it. An expansion was done, in 2004, to allow for a new library, and space for three support teachers to assist students that have reading and math difficulties

Each year, the Longhorn Corvette Club out of Austin holds a car show. In 2006 the show was held in Georgetown, Texas. Some of the residents helped set up tents and prepare the grounds for cars from all over the state to show off their stuff. For the last few years, the Longhorn Corvette Club has given the proceeds of the event to the boys here at Pegasus. The kids and staff look forward to attending the event all summer, and always have interesting stories to report back to the other residents

Pegasus Sex Offender Treatment Program

The overall goal of the Sex Offender Treatment Program is to break the cycle of sexual abuse; stop the sexually abusive and other criminal or harmful behavior exhibited by the residents, ultimately resulting in no subsequent sexual offenses.

The therapeutic approach is a cognitive behavioral framework including providers with specialized training and licensure to provide sex offender specific treatment.

The goals of treatment include victim empathy, accepting responsibility, comprehension of offense cycle, comprehension of laws and statutes, and development of effective coping skills focusing on high risk situations.

Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Providers (L.S.O.T.P.) conduct intensive regular group therapy which has proven historically to be the single most effective avenue to true positive change in the sex offender population.

Pegasus Freedom Program

Pegasus Freedom Program utilizes the "Why Try" program which incorporates three basic concepts: 1) Opportunity 2) Self Respect 3) Freedom. Utilizing the three basic concepts through the use of peer based therapy groups, residents learn appropriate ways to problem solve and make healthy positive changes in their lives.

The "Why Try" program utilizes experiential team building, communication, and cooperation exercises.

The emphasis of the Freedom Program is offering role modeling, education, and counseling as an opportunity for young men to put the pieces of their fractured lives back together again.

Residents in need of Chemical Dependency Counseling are also afforded on-campus peer based groups conducted by a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (L.C.D.C.)

In 2004 we completed several new buildings to continue to accommodate the ever changing needs of the residents. The Tav and Carolyn Lupton Education Building was completed in the spring to increase the amount of individual instruction given to each resident.

By restoring a child's self worth and dignity while offering a continuum of care, from a residential treatment center through foster placement, Pegasus can take care of children as they grow and mature and their therapeutic needs change. The children progress through the Pegasus system with the same staff members and administration they have come to know and trust.

Pegasus Sex Offender Treatment Program is recognized as the premiere juvenile sex offender program in the state.

Pegasus Freedom Program is a behavioral management and chemical dependency program implementing the nationally renowned "Why Try" concept.

The two programs are separated by proximity as allowed by the 105 acre campus. The programs share only the kitchen, laundry, recreational, and chapel facilities scheduled at different times. The programs attend separate school facilities and perform community service projects at separate venues. Direct Child Care personnel receive training in specifics relevant to each program

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