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Because of our individualized setting we are able to effect a substantial change in 6 to 8 months, but the average length of stay has been 9-14 months.

At Academy of Eastern Arizona our program is designed to ensure both the adolescent and the parent that life CAN and WILL get better through aggressive quality treatment. We are a private boarding school with the primary objective of helping adolescent girls gain the skills and courage that it takes to make the changes in their lives that will guarantee a brighter day.

Admitting a child to Academy of Eastern Arizona can be highly stressful to both the parent and the child. Many details need to be addressed before, during, and after enrollment. The pre-enrollment phase involves assessing the child's suitability for Academy of Eastern Arizona. To ensure the highest quality of care it is necessary to assess each potential resident prior to enrollment. This assessment will enable the admissions coordinator to place clients that are appropriate for this level of care. The Staff at Academy of Eastern Arizona is acutely aware that the actual enrollment process and the post enrollment period can be a very difficult transition period for the Parent and Child. Every aspect of this transition period is handled with care by staff to ensure that complications are kept to a minimum.

Anger or Defiant toward Parents
Refusing to follow family rules
Drug or Alcohol Abuse
Bad Peer Group
Sexually Active
Trouble in School
Destructive behavior
Drastic Mood Swings

During the orientation period of the child's stay they will be assessed and assigned an IAP (Individual Academic Plan). Each child's IAP is tailored to their specific needs. Assessment includes review of school records, therapeutic assessments, personal interviews and input from parents and family counselors. The student's educational and career goals are taken into consideration where appropriate.

A state accredited teacher is assigned to work one-on-one with the child to accomplish the goals set out in their IAP. Course completion is based on mastery of course objectives rather than "seat time". By working with the teacher in a one-on-one setting the student is able to "make up for lost time" due to lack of performance in their prior academic setting and students are able to graduate and attend local formal graduation ceremonies receiving their High School Diploma. Curriculum includes Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, as well as a variety of other core and elective course subjects. Because we utilize a one-on-one student/teacher setting, each child can begin their course studies immediately upon enrollment in our program.

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At The Academy of Eastern Arizona-Boarding School, it is our goal to give your Troubled Teen girl the tools necessary for success in life, to serve those in need and to serve in her community. Just as no two Parents are a like, no two Teen Girls challenges are alike.

* Upon enrollment each troubled teen girl is evaluated to assess her physical, emotional, mental, and social attributes.
* We strive to reintegrate the teen girl back into her home, school, and community as a positive asset.

Through a holistic approach to modify behavior patterns, your daughter can once again learn to live happily and make healthy choices. She will be able to build on the opportunity she has at The Academy of Eastern Arizona-Boarding School, to become successful, healthy, and happy.
Our goal at Academy of Eastern Arizona-Boarding School for Troubled Teen girls, is to assist your daughter in building a firm foundation for academic, social, vocational, and physical activity.

Financing The Cost of most resident stays at The Academy of Eastern Arizona, located in Holbrook Arizona, is typically accomplished through a combination of Insurance Coverage, Personal and Outside Private Financing. At the Academy of Eastern Arizona we recognize that such arrangements will need to be worked out and we invite you to call us at (866) 698-3362 to discuss various alternatives that are available.


Insurance Coverage's vary widely between policies. Your policy may cover part or all of the cost of resident stays. We recommend that you contact a representative from your insurance company or a representative from The Academy of Eastern Arizona or Parent Solutions LLC if you have any questions regarding amounts covered by your specific policy.

Private Financing

At the Academy of Eastern Arizona we offer several different options and lending companies that help with financing for this program. Please contact our admissions office and we will walk you through the process.
For a complete in-depth discussion of the Admissions Process please contact our office at: (866) MY-TEEN2 or (866) 698-3362.


Daniel Taylor : Administrative Director and Owner
Daniel has Bachelor Degrees in Sociology and Child Development with emphasis in criminology and middle age childhood from Southern Utah University. He has fourteen years in the field of working with troubled teens and teens with disabilities. Daniel has worked in Youth Corrections, County Mental Health, a Psychiatric Hospital and a Drug and Alcohol Hospital for teens and several residential treatment centers.

Daniel’s experience includes working with autistic and deaf children, teens and adults with felony convictions, male sex offenders, adults and teens in psychiatric hospitals and teens in residential treatment centers. Daniel and his wife were licensed as an Acute Therapeutic Foster Care home and worked with ungovernable teenagers in their home; implemented treatment plans, taught life skills and worked toward reunification of teens with their family and society.

Daniel is also a consultant working with other Therapeutic Boarding Schools, parents and various youth programs.

Hyrum Taylor : Training Officer and Owner
Hyrum has been involved with helping troubled youth for over ten years. He was a Volunteer Mentor with inner city gangs in Chicago for two years. He has a Bachelors Degree from Southern Utah University in Sociology and Psychology. Hyrum is a Certified Instructor for the American Red Cross in First Aid and CPR and a Certified Instructor in Positive Control Systems, a de-escalation and appropriate restraint process.

Hyrum has worked as a Psychiatric Technician in a teen drug and alcohol hospital. He also worked as an Assistant Director and Supervisor in a residential treatment center where he supervised staff and residents. Hyrum currently trains staff and addresses safety issues.

Phyllis Charles : Admissions Director
Phyllis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Accounting. She has over 25 years experience in the Accounting Field, working for school districts, nonprofit organizations and manufacturing companies in positions such as Accounting Manager, Controller and Director of Budget and Finance. Phyllis has been a member of the Institute of Management Accountants and the American Society of Women Accountants.

Phyllis has served several years on the Board of Directors for the Interior Rivers State Fair and the Aniak Day Care Association both in Alaska. She has also volunteered in her community and her church for years. She is currently the Congregation Coordinator for her church’s matching funds agency.

Phyllis has worked at Integrity House since August 2004 and is currently the Admissions Director.

Deborah Hays : Clinical Therapist
Deborah Hays is a master’s level therapist who works with the residents and their families at the Academy of Eastern Arizona. Prior to this position, Deborah worked for 12 years as a crisis and family therapist in northern Arizona, Tucson and Milwaukee. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, majoring in Business, she has also been employed in mental health as a Program Director for a home-based children’s counseling agency, a Director of Quality Management for an adult acute-care psychiatric hospital and a Marketing Director for a home health care agency.

As a community public speaker, Deborah has trained mental health care providers, CPS works and law enforcement staff on "Working with Drug Affected Families." She has also spoken to retirement communities on "Surviving the Jungle of Home Health Care."

Deborah is active in the community serving as an American Red Cross emergency volunteer, Board Member for St. Catherine’s Residence for Women and President-Elect for the Health Care Public Relations and Marketing Society of SE Wisconsin.

Heidi Mock : Education Director/Principal
Heidi has worked for forty years with high risk children in the special education department of public schools and with adolescent treatment programs. She has experience setting up special purpose schools and maintaining their accreditation.

Heidi has a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Utah with a minor in Special Education. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development. Heidi also holds an Administrative Certificate.

She volunteers with Victims Advocate for a battered women’s shelter and is also a court appointed special advocate for children from dysfunctional homes. Heidi is experienced in teaching the 12 Step Program principles.

Heidi has been a candidate for the Utah State House of Representatives and active in Utah politics and community activities. She has served on several boards including: Vice President of the Utah Association for Children with Learning Disabilities; Chairperson for the Children’s Committee, Redwood Community Council; Chairperson for the Utah Alliance for Special Education; Member of the Board of Directors for Utah State Mental Health Association to name a few.

Ruth: Team Leader/Student Advocate
Ruth has been working with teens and families for 10+ years and she is excellent at what she does! Some parents that enter our program will have the opportunity to work with Ruth on the progress of there daughter. Ruth is very organized and disciplined in her work and wants the best for each girl that enters the Academy. Each girl that goes through the program comes to not only love ruth but respect her for what she does. Ruth is a huge component in Treatment Team and her input is vital to the girls success and graduating the Academy.

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