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Pendleton Academies helps children and adolescents, who are battling emotional difficulties and/or mental illness, succeed in their families, at school, and in their communities. Contact any of the professionals listed below if you are interested in learning more about our services, or if you would like to help support our mission. You can contact us by telephone, written letters or by email. We're interested in learning your thoughts and comments.

Pendleton Academies successful learning environment for children with emotional and behavioral problems include:

* Year-round school
* High staff to student ratio (at least 1 staff to every 3 children to ensure each child gets the individual attention needed)
* A child’s developmental maturity is taken into consideration and accommodated
* Each child’s strengths and weaknesses are assessed and an individualized academic program developed with the child’s involvement to meet his/her needs
* Full use of family, school, and community are used to provide educational opportunities and to support educational outcomes
* Provides a variety of outdoor education and recreational opportunities, including involvement with animals
* Provides a multitude of character building opportunities
* Provides opportunities to express creativity through plays, performances, and art exhibits
* Children set their personal learning goals and engage in self-directed accomplishments
* Children team teach with peers and adults
* Treatment and residential staff also teach and share their talents and skills
* Teachers move from instructors to facilitators
* Children’s and staff members’ creativity is recognized and rewarded
* Feedback from children, family members, and staff help the program continue to develop and improve

Equine Assisted Therapy

With Pendleton Academies’ Equine Assisted Therapy program, certified equine therapists help children gain skills and emotional well-being through interactions with animals. Our very gentle horses of various breeds offer our children safe experiences to complement other therapies.

Equine and Other Animal Assisted therapy helps children by:

* Building emotional strengths such as empathy, an outward focus, nurturing, and rapport
* Giving them an opportunity to socialize, feel accepted, and be entertained
* Giving them mental stimulation and decreased feelings of isolation or alienation
* Helping them develop a desire to learn about animals and gain new physical/recreational skills

In addition to horses, Pendleton Academies exposes children to other animals. Several years ago, Pendleton Academies purchased a pair of pygmy goats, which to our surprise were both pregnant. Four cute little babies were born in the winter of 2004, and the children fell in love with them. We have since added a miniature donkey and a miniature horse, as well as a very sweet-tempered cat, bunnies and dogs to our menagerie.

We provide a wide range of therapies for children including:

* Individual therapy
* Family therapy
* Group therapy
* Equine/animal assisted therapy
* Art therapy
* Play therapy
* Recreational therapy, and
* Occupational therapy

Pendleton is located in the northeast corner of Oregon, at the foot of the Blue Mountains. With a population of approximately 15,000, it is the seat of government for Umatilla County. The Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation is nearby, and the culturally diverse region includes Native American and Hispanic families. We are a community known for working collaboratively and for helping our neighbors.

Pendleton Academies strives to provide excellence in individualized, comprehensive assessment, treatment and education to children with emotional and/or behavioral educational difficulties and their families. Treatment includes culturally responsive psychosocial services that promote insight, self-worth and responsibility, healthy family relationships, moral stability, and social competence. Our primary therapeutic model is the cognitive-behavioral approach which encourages each child to better understand him- or her-self as a person, learn to think through challenges, build strengths and behaviorally practice solutions to personal, academic, familial, and interpersonal problems.

Psychiatric Treatment Facilities

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Discriminating among the many programs or evaluating the effectiveness of your child's current program can be a daunting challenge. The Professionals we work with provide consultation to families with a personal approach. You are assured that you are in good hands.

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