The John Dewey Academy

Searles Castle - 389 Main St. 
Great Barrington, MA 1230
United States of America

(413) 528-9800

Dr. Thomas E. Bratter, President or Dr. Kenneth



Call admissions department for current tuition.

A trial period (2-3 weeks) before deciding whether (s)he wishes to stay

A voluntary Therapeutic, residential,College Preparatory, alternative high school.

Voluntary for thirty-six students. Before being admitted, all applicants have a mandatory on-campus interview conducted by clinical staff and students. The candidate has the option to include or exclude family members who remain silent observers

Psycho-social characteristics. They are talented, turbulent, troubled, troublesome, teens whose only successes are frightening failures. They have been branded by family, friends, mental heath and educational professionals to be """"""""untreatable,"""""""" """"""""uneducable,"""""""" """"""""unreliable,"""""""" """"""""unmanageable,"""""""" """"""""unruly,"""""""" """"""""uncivilized,"""""""" """"""""entrust-worthy"""""""", """"""""unlovable"""""""", """"""""unworthy,"""""""" """"""""unwanted,"""""""" """"""""undisciplined,"""""""" """"""""unfaithful,"""""""" """"""""unpredictable,"""""""" """"""""unhappy,"""""""" """"""""unlawful,"""""""" """"""""unstable,"""""""" and """"""""unsuccessful."""""""" They are immune to traditional psycho-Therapeutic and educational approaches. They mistrust everyone, including themselves. Lashing out against a perceived hurtful-hateful environment because they feel ignores their intellectual, affective, moral psycho-social needs. When frustrated and consumed by fear, they create constant crises.

Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Forty-one courses

Utilizes three aspects of therapy: Group Therapy, Individualized (counselor) therapy, and positive peer pressure (caring community). JDA rejects all psychiatric medication.

To provide intensive, individualized instruction designed to inspire alienated, angry, and self-destructive adolescents, who possess superior intellectual potential to use, rather than continue to abuse, their talents.

There are provisions for reducing tuition through work-study, which is awarded on a need basis. Financial aid is available. Students on financial aid participate in kitchen and/or maintenance duties.

The faculty is credentialed. Five have doctorates. Four have masters degrees. Five have taught in college and graduate schools. The average age is 48. There is little faculty turn-over. Most have taught at The John Dewey Academy for a minimum of five years.

No potent psychotropic mood or mind altering medication is prescribed.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

(413) 528-9800

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