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26 Days

Ridge Creek is located in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. In the Ridge Creek environment, students learn how their actions, thoughts and feelings affect themselves and others. They gain a new perspective on dealing with their issues in a more positive way. Students learn leadership skills through our wilderness program with timely and effective counseling interventions.

"The primary mission of Ridge Creek is to operate a 26-day national therapeutic wilderness leadership program for adolescents in grades 8-12. The program has an intense physical component coupled with a counseling and wilderness intervention model. It provides an opportunity for adolescents to think without being mired in the distractions and traps that ordinarily surround them. The goal is to help adolescents consider positive things they can do to eliminate their negative, self-destructive behaviors, and to develop confidence, esteem, and leadership skills that will help them succeed later in life. We also provide aftercare recommendations to the parents, educational consultants, and/or other referral sources of our students."

While participating in the Ridge Creek Program, each child has the opportunity to take advantage of 35(+) academic tutorial. These tutorial hours are facilitated by the Ridge Academic Liaison, and evening study hall is facilitated by the Ridge Creek Wilderness Instructors. During their academic tutorial, students work on school assignments sent from their prior educational institution, or grade-level literature assignments taught by the RCI Academic Liaison.

Students need to bring all of the following school materials with them upon arrival to our program. This would include but not be limited too:

School Textbooks
Current School Notes or handouts
All current school assignments to be completed while at RCI
All other academic supplies and materials will be provided to by Ridge Creek Incorporated.

The Academic Liaison’s role is to act not only as a tutor, but as a link between Ridge Creek and the former educational institution from which each student arrived. Schools can fax, email, or express mail assignments to Ridge Creek for students to complete. The liaison then sends the assignments back to the schools so that the student can receive credit for their work. Parents are responsible for initiating the process of obtaining school work and assignments for their child prior to the child's enrollment at Ridge Creek. The Ridge Creek Liaison will work with the family and the previous school throughout their child’s enrollment at Ridge Creek. In this process students can repair, maintain or even further their current academic standing with the schools from which they came.

Some students do not arrive with assignments, or assignments are not sent from their prior educational institution. In this case, the academic liaison provides grade-level, literature based school work for the child.

The educational aspect of Ridge Creek Incorporated is one of the many things that sets us aside from other similar programs. We take pride in being able to offer a holistic experience through therapy, wilderness training, and academics to each and every child who completes our program.

Academic Credits Built into the Ridge Creek Program

Students will not only have the opportunity to stay caught up on the schoolwork form their current school but will also ear n two additional credits that are built into the Ridge Creek Wilderness Leadership Curriculum.

Ridge Creek, a 26- day wilderness, leadership program, which has contracted with Hidden lake academy for the purposes of awarding academic credits. Hidden Lake Academy is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Georgia Accreditation Commission (GAC). The following credits will be earned if the student successfully completes the program:

Field skills, mountaineering, map-reading, land navigation, physical fitness and environmental science, as well as medical and leadership training

During the assessment phase of our program, our masters-level counselors develop an individualized Therapeutic treatment plan. The treatment modality is group therapy. A student's group therapy experience at Ridge Creek begins with two weeks of daily one-hour sessions.

9 nights in the woods and 17 nights in the dormitory.

There will only be written communication between you and your child

Mature, professional, qualified individuals. Therapeutic staff possess a minimum of a master+s degree in a counseling-related field

Ridge Creek is licensed with the State of Georgia Department of Human Resources as an outdoor Therapeutic camp. Ridge Creek is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) as a residential child/adolescent mental health service provider

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