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The average stay for young people at Heartlight is 9 to 12 months.

A Christian residential counseling center for struggling teens

Following the return of the Social History Form and other pertinent information, an interview will be scheduled at Heartlight. These interviews last approximately 3 hours.

Heartlight offers two opportunities for residents in academic pursuits. For those residents in Heartlight's Main program, Hallsville High School, a 4-A school located three miles from Heartlight, provides an excellent opportunity for Heartlight residents to be socially involved in an academic setting while working through the Heartlight program. Other residents in the Heartlight East and Heartlight South programs are schooled on property utilizing a Texas Tech correspondence curriculum taught by certified teachers on staff.

Activities include horseback riding, water skiing, wakeboarding, repelling and rock climbing, fishing, swimming, skeet shooting, tennis, skateboarding, basketball, weightlifting, and bicycling. Indoor activities include racquetball, photography, guitar lessons, pottery, billiards, crafts, and art.

5 therapists, master level each student gets 1 session a week and one group a week

Heartlight has a maximum capacity of 48 residents. The log house concept delivers a peaceful country setting with all the comforts of a home away from home.

Parents are asked to participate in the retreat schedule and attend four Family Retreats and a series of three Parent Retreats that do not involve the residents. Parents are encouraged to call their child on a regular basis, and also communicate with staff on a regular basis for updates on their child's progress. We want parent involvement based on the progress of the child and as the Level System dictates. Parental visits to Heartlight are welcome.

Our Philosophy entails a Biblical counseling approach, with each child involved in activities that support the individual and group counseling and also help them see that the security and significance they seek can be found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who desires to fill those empty chasms of life and give meaning, purpose, and direction to their life.

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Mark and Jan Gregston are the founders of Heartlight Ministries

Heartlink exists as a support group to mothers of Heartlight residents as they participate in the Heartlight program. "Veteran" moms encourage and support the newer moms because they are one step further in this journey and understand the shared grief, loss, and fear

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  • Recommendation of preferred schools and programs
  • Teen Transportation Services

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