Maplebrook School

5142 Route 22 
Amenia, NY 12501


11 - 22


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A coeducational boarding and day school for 112 students

Students must have a minimum IQ of 70 and be willing to make a commitment to their academic work in spite of learning differences. Maplebrook is not equipped to work with students who have a primary emotional or social diagnosis.

Learning differences and/or attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Students are evaluated to determine individual learning styles and as a result, programs and Individual Education Plans (I.E.P.) are tailored to meet their specific needs. The School provides a specific course of study that follows the New York State Department of Education guidelines. The school year consists of two semesters; reports are completed four times a year, and parent/teacher conferences are held twice a year. Class sizes range from 4 to 10 students per class.

Drama, music, driving instruction, computers, Great Books, World Traveler, and History of Rock and Roll

The academic students reside in four dormitories, with the majority of rooms being shared by two students. Within each of these dormitories, there are multiple lounge and study areas with access to computers for the students' convenience. A faculty member resides on each floor in the dormitories and all academic students eat their meals in the main dining hall.

To provide quality academic programs for the youngster who is considered a slow learner, and/or who may exhibit a learning disorder.

Financial Aid and work study awards are available to students. They are based on the information provided by the School and Student Scholarship Service. All financial aid awards are based on the financial needs of the family


The Responsibility Increases Self Esteem (R.I.S.E.) Program is the hallmark of the Maplebrook experience. This Program recognizes the fact that youngsters who experience ongoing difficulty in learning frequently develop a chronic problem of poor self-concept.

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