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It is our experience that a minimum of 6 months with a strongly recommended 14 month program is required to create lasting change in the teens we work with and in the family as a whole. The exact length of the program can vary depending on the student's willingness and acceptance to work through the various phases of his individual program. The typical student will graduate from Bridges Academy within 14-16 months, although some students may need additional time to achieve their program goals.

Our program balances personal growth with academic achievement. We also encourage our students to develop their natural talents and experience confirms that personal growth and academic success are co-evolutionary, reinforcing one another.

Bridges Academy is a year-round program, which allows students to enter at any time.Bridges Academy has a capacity for 30 boys.

Typical student is bright, very sensitive, and exhibits defiant or oppositional behavior. He typically has a short history of substance abuse along with truancy, plummeting grades, and disregard for rules and curfews. There may be cases where the teen has exhibited sexual promiscuity, physical violence towards family member or peers, running away from home, body disfigurement, or drug use. They often don't fit into a traditional school system, are not comfortable within their families, and sometimes their world doesn't make sense.

Accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and of Colleges and Universities

Hiking, bicycling, rafting, skiing and various other activities

Individual and group counseling, Positive Peer Culture, and community meetings where students and staff resolve issues together.

Facility is located on 18 acres and includes a spacious 10,000-sq. ft. residence home with 16 fully furnished rooms, large central gathering area, kitchen, dining area and offices. Our school and shop are located adjacent to the residential home

Critical to the success of the emotional growth process, healing and reunification is the commitment and involvement of the family. At Bridges Academy, we put a large emphasis on family participation... they are viewed as partners in the whole emotional growth process and their perspectives are given consideration in the development, implementation and evaluation of their teen's Individualized Achievement Plan. At Bridges Academy, the family's journey begins with identifying and setting goals that are designed to address the needs of the individual student within the broader context of healing the family. The family counseling process then works toward achieving these goals and providing ongoing support

Telephone Counseling
Once a student has demonstrated a willingness to accept the program, telephone counseling calls involving the student and family members are scheduled weekly. These family counseling calls are facilitated by a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist who brings out clarity, empathy and respect integrating parental concerns with those of their teen, ensuring that both are working toward the same objectives.

Bi-Monthly Family Workshops
Additional growth occurs through family workshops held every other month. These all-day workshops focus on rebuilding trust, learning and practicing conflict resolution skills, exploring new and positive communication skills, practicing family meetings, and simply enjoying each other's company. Families are required to attend at least two family workshops during their son's program and are always welcome to attend more.

Our philosophy is based on respect. Troubled teens develop respect for self and others, improve their coping skills as well as their decision-making and conflict resolution skills through academic achievement, personal growth, and disciplined living.

We realize the costs of specialized education are a significant financial commitment and may be challenging for some families. Our knowledgeable Admissions staff can assist you in exploring the options available to you. For more information, call toll-free (888) 283-7362.

Has well qualified and trained staff at all levels. Our clinical department includes a PhD in Psychology, a Masters in Family counseling and a Masters level psychologist. Our Program Manager and all mentors are either Bachelor or Masters level counselors

In 1997, the founders of Bridges Academy envisioned a school for temperamentally challenged teens based on three specific components: small population size, individually-paced education, and family involvement. Soon it became apparent that a fourth component, single sex student population would make the program stronger. These four core components are the unique foundation upon which Bridges Academy has grown over the last six years. Bridges Academy is a secure facility where students can take advantage of the natural and scenic beauty of Central Oregon

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