Capstone Treatment Center

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14 - 24


Call admissions department for current tuition.

The average length of stay is 70-75 days

A Christ-centered treatment model.

The assessment will take 10-30 minutes to fill out, so please make sure you have set aside adequate time.

Change in peer group with little interest in old friends. Associating with an older crowd. Fighting with peers. Associating with known drug/alcohol users. Very defensive especially concerning drugs and alcohol use. Withdrawing from family and friends. Easily upset. frequent changes in emotions. Changes in sexual behavior. Defiance toward parents, other adults. Red eyes, frequent use of eye drops Loss of interest in hobbies, extracurricular activities. Sudden drop or gradual drop in grades and achievement (no clear reasons). Skipping classes or days of school. Getting in to trouble in school. Sleeping excessively in class. Excessive use of beeper/pager. Change in language (profanity, slang, etc.) Financial management erratic (spending more, needing more, etc.. Nervous or agitated, having trouble sitting still. Blackouts, periods of memory loss. Trouble with the law, thefts, assaults, etc.,selling drugs and/or alcohol. Careless or reckless behavior (speeding, car accidents, etc.). Slurred speech or changes in speech pattern. Changes in sleeping patterns. Weight changes, (drastic loss or gain). Keeping drug paraphernalia (rolling papers, pipes, roach clips,etc.) Writes drug slang and phrases on notebooks, yearbooks, etc. Consistent lying and other suspicious behavior. Change in appearance and/or hygiene. Rise in aggression. Depression. Drop in church activities and other spiritual issues.

Capstone has a full time teacher, certified by the state of Arkansas, that serves as a liaison between the residents who are still in secondary school and their school guidance counselor. Schoolwork is maintained to preserve academic status during treatment. Special tutoring and testing may be utilized to enhance academic performance after discharge.

Adventure therapy on the ropes course is typically scheduled for Wednesdays. During the sixth and seventh weeks approximately, the residents take a two-week wilderness trip into the Buffalo River National Park. Weight room.

The therapy staff are each one or more of the following: Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and FamilyTherapist, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, Licensed Associate Counselor, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therpist, or a counselor in training through the Arkansas Substance Abuse Certification Board. Each resident is assigned a puppy on the first few days of treatment. Canine therapy is almost magic. The residents care for their puppy everyday. They feed, bathe, brush, pet, play, and train their puppy. This puppy, usually a registered Labrador Retriever, becomes a friend that will always be trustworthy and loyal. We want the relationship between the puppy and the boy to be strong and long lasting. If the resident applies and passes the application process (which is a process of determining the stability of the home for the puppy) and completes the program at Capstone, he takes the puppy home for the rest of its life. This puppy, if well cared for, will live for more than ten years. During that time the canine friend will help anchor the young man to the growth that occurred during treatment and aftercare.

The big house is a 3000 square feet rock and cedar lodge. The three-story facility currently houses the offices of the therapists, administrative offices, the weight room, and the laundry. It has a 1250 square feet deck made out of Arkansas red cedar. The cabins are also made out of red cedar and have big private showers, comfortable beds, and front porch. The mess hall is a 1600 square feet red cedar log building with state of the art kitchen equipment and awesome food. All of these facilities have central heat and air conditioning.

A family systems approach is used in all Capstone therapy. This approach looks at the adolescent’s world from their physical bodies and intelligence to their family and social contexts.This is one of the strongest factors in Capstone's success. Family therapy begins at admission and continues throughout the son's stay. It includes the admission conference, weekly phone-therapy sessions, family week, the family retreat, and contracted aftercare therapy (if no qualified home-town counselor can be found).

THE CAPSTONE MISSION is to turn the setbacks of chemical dependency into comebacks that anchor families to Christ and unlock each son's God-given potential!

Capstone will appropriately assist residents' families in filing for insurance reimbursement after discharge.

THE CAPSTONE STAFF of committed Christian men and women are professionally trained, highly skilled people who view their jobs as personal life missions to be pursued with a tenacious spirit.All of Capstone's counseling staff hold at least master's degrees in a counseling field, including Marriage and Family Therapy and Substance Abuse Counseling. All counselors are licensed by the State of Arkansas. Staff licenses include one or more of the following: Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. The therapy staff are each one or more of the following: Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, Licensed Associate Counselor, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, or a counselor in training through the Arkansas Substance Abuse Certification Board.

Capstone's number one aftercare recommendation is for families to connect with a qualified aftercare therapist in their hometown. Capstone's Finish Strong Game Plan will not conflict with any work by the aftercare counselor. If the family is unable to connect with a hometown therapist, Capstone will contract with the family for aftercare phone-therapy.

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