The North Broward Preparatory Schools

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Peter Lane

Grades 7 - 12


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Helping students reach their fullest potential not only as students but as compassionate, responsible, and successful young men and women.

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Values their school and is excited by the opportunity to be a resident.

Good college preparation curriculum.

School activities such as games, concerts, plays, etc.

Two spacious residences located on our beautiful 72-acre Upper School campus house our residential students. Students share comfortable bedrooms, two to a room, with the exception of one large bedroom for four students. The houses also provide a family room, recreation room, meeting/study room, and a snack/light meal kitchen and breakfast nook for the residents to share. The houses are warmly furnished and are equipped with a local area network hookup for individual computer access for every resident. Televisions as well as state-of-the-art entertainment systems and telephones in community rooms as well as a residential environment created with adolescents in mind – complete and attractive, comfortable, and a fun living experience for residential students.

We commit ourselves to working extremely closely with the parents of students in our care. In order to promote frequent contact with home and parents, the calendar is organized so that there is at least one home weekend each month (usually a three day weekend). During those times, as well as over school holidays, students go home to their families. One other weekends in the month students may choose to sign out for an “exeat” but this is restricted to one a month.

The mission of The North Broward Preparatory Schools is to provide all students with a rigorous and challenging college preparatory education.

Over the last six years, The North Broward Preparatory Schools awarded $5.5 million of Academic Honors Scholarships, which funded the education of 120 high school students over a 9 year period, 1998-2007. The North Broward Preparatory Schools are committed to this program, and will continue it for the coming school year. A maximum of 10 full tuition scholarship grants and up to 20 partial tuition scholarship grants ($20,000 over four years) will be awarded to entering freshmen (9th grade) for the school year. In the event that 10 full tuition scholarships are not awarded, additional partial tuition scholarships will be considered.

Our faculty's experience ranges from first-year teachers to teachers that have been with us for more than 30 years. We are also proud to highlight our faculty specialists - teachers in the areas of Foreign Languages, Music, Band, Choir, the Visual Arts, Drama and Theatre, Model United Nations, Physical Education, Computer Technology, and the Library-Media Sciences.

The school reserves the right to terminate the residential status of any student who fails to maintain the high standards expected.

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