Elk Mountain Academy-

54 Serenity Lane 
Heron, MT 83811
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Carl and Loretta Olding



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12 months

Carl and Loretta Olding founded Elk Mountain Academy in 1994 based on a 12-Step AA foundation. They both possess a compassion for young men who exhibit the behaviors of an alcoholic or an addict. This desire stems from life altering experiences and knowledge that they have gained through life. Carl is a 23-year recovering alcoholic/addict, who changed his life and became clean through the AA process. He is able to share with the young men that come to our program exactly how he became sober, showing them how they too can become sober individuals and enjoy life.

We recognize the differences that exist from one student to the other, so we admit students on an individual basis not on a """"""""cookie-cutter"""""""" admittance policy

Substance Abuse - ß Social/Family Disorders
ß Low Self Esteem - Stuffing/Anger/Blaming Co-dependency/Victimization - Learning Disorders/Behavioral Disorders ß ODD/Conduct Disorder ß ADD/ADHD other Clinical Disorders
ß Abandonment Issues: Adoption, Divorce, Attachment ß Depression ß Psychosocial and Environmental Problems ß Personality Disorders

We are accredited through the North West Association of School and Colleges and recognized by the Idaho State Board of Education as an academically accredited high school.

Hiking, biking, wake boarding, snow boarding, and volleyball

Master level therapists, Weekly therapy is provided on an individual level, some group therapy is offered by master level therapy. Staff also runs regular group therapy on a regular basis

Dr. Jone's Lets fix the kids is offered to parents. Parents are encouraged to visit their students when the students are ready to have visits and are at an appropriate level in their program.

Commitment is to give all students the tools necessary to lead fulfilling and productive lives

Prep Gate loans are available

Staff members here at Elk Mountain take an active part in our students' lives. Our staff have been hired for their experience, knowledge, and desire to help educate our students. Many of our staff members have overcome struggles with drug and alcohol abuse and can share their own lives with our students

They understand that no two students are the same, so they treat each student on an individual basis providing them with a unique learning environment

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