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ages 14 -25


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The length of treatment varies according to each client's needs. Throughout primary treatment, the chemical dependency counselor keeps parents and professionals updated on the young person's progress

Every young person holds incredible potential. Unfortunately, alcohol or other drug addiction can keep them from ever realizing it. HCYF specializes in giving young people a fresh start and the tools to become their best. HCYF's recovery programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each young person. We know that teenagers and young adults are most open to change when treated in an environment of dignity and respect. Our structured, yet nurturing environment encourages personal growth and responsibility. This unique approach has led to our recognition as a national leader in chemical dependency treatment for young people.

Hazelden Center for Youth and Families
11505 36th Avenue North
Plymouth, MN 55441-2398
Phone: 763-509-3800
Toll Free: 800-257-7810
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Since 1981 Hazelden Center for Youth and Families (HCYF) has helped thousands of adolescent men and women, ages 14-25, find freedom from alcohol and other drugs and regain hope for healthier and more fulfilling lives

Physical health and fitness is an important component of Hazelden programs of recovery. Workout and fitness facilities vary by location and may include gyms, weight rooms, pools, walking trails and other resources. At our adolescent program in Plymouth, MN young people participate in both on-site and off-site recreational outings. Every Hazelden patient receives a fitness and recreation evaluation and individual plans are prepared for fitness activities while in treatment and following discharge. Please see the listings on specific location facilities for more information on your fitness opportunities

Hazelden is a multidimensional program that incorporates many therapies. The Twelve Steps are a foundation and guideline for living and are fully integrated into the treatment process and care plan. The steps provide a framework to examine mental health, physical health, emotional well-being, relationships, spirituality and more. Hazelden programs utilize a team of professionals representing several disciplines including medical and psychiatric professionals, addiction counselors, dieticians, spiritual and fitness experts, to work with every patient on their individual issues from a holistic view, treating mind, body and spirit.

Situated on 15 serene, wooded acres along the north shore of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota, HCYF provides the ideal setting to begin the journey to recovery

Relationship questions and problems are common to us all. Hazelden's Family Programs help those who live with or care about a chemically dependent person better understand addiction, treatment, recovery and family dynamics. The Family Program provides participants with some insights developed from years of helping families work through issues associated with having a chemically dependent family member. The family program offers:

Information on how families function when coping with chemical dependency and other addictions
Help to identify characteristics of healthy relationships
Skills to change your response to family situations
Education about chemical dependency and recovery
An introduction to self-help groups

Our treatment philosophy is based on the recognition that addiction and dependency is a disease and that abstinence is the best way to manage the condition. We approach treatment in a holistic way, working with mind, body and spirit as components of a healthy life. Treatment is delivered by a team of professionals representing many disciplines including nurses, physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists, substance abuse/addiction counselors, fitness and recreation specialists and spiritual care professionals.

As a non-profit organization, Hazelden does have some funds available to help support the cost of a person's treatment, if it is financially necessary. These funds, when available, are sometimes used to help offset part of the cost of treatment. We will always recommend that admission candidates work through our financial counselors to determine what sort of package might cover their treatment. Hazelden's financial staff are experts at gaining maximum insurance coverage and working with families to identify financial sources

Hazelden's staff is composed of experienced professionals with licenses in substance abuse counseling or the professional discipline they represent, such as MDs, psychologists, etc. Our programs are also licensed by the states and are accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) and Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (CARF).

Every Hazelden location has at minimum a consulting physician and generally a physician on site during regular admission hours. Complete physical examinations are conducted during the first few days of admission when residential patients spend 24-48 hours in the medical services unit. These units are staffed around the clock by experienced addiction nurses 24/7. Additional physicians, psychiatrists, and emergency hospital services are always available.

Programs and services available at Hazelden Center for Youth and Families include:

Assessment and Evaluation
Adolescent/Young Adult Inpatient Treatment
Adolescent/Young Adult Outpatient Treatment
Adolescent/Young Adult Inpatient Extended Care
Parent Program
Mental Health Services
Alumni Services

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