Gatehouse Academy

Wickenburg, AZ


Kent Sherman


Boys and Girls

Call admissions department for current tuition.

12 months

Our long-term residential treatment is an alternative to typical short-term drug rehab centers.

Must have a desire to change and a willingness to work the program.

Troubled teens with substance abuse, behavior and drug and alcohol issues

Has partnered with two fine institutions: Rio Salado College and The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, to offer classes at a distance.

Karate and Yoga classes. Jogging, walking trails and swimming are available on campus or at the nearby ranch. Hiking, bike riding and other activities like skateboarding are part of the resident's day. Numerous other sports related activities are available in town

12-step meetings. Equestrian offering is an integral part of the curriculum and is available to all residents. Gatehouse Therapeutic Health Services (GTHS) operates from a separate but adjacent building to the Gatehouse residence. We firmly believe that the healing that is available in the process of living in a recovery .

The residents are living in a family style environement with young people their own age and staff who are in recovery

From the start, we want families to be on board with us as we work to assist the resident in making better life choices

Our philosophy, as the slogan suggests, is distinguished just as clearly as the dictionary's definition of the word philosophy, which states "Love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self

Private pay program. Billed with insurance codes for assistance with insurance coverage.

Acting has proven to be an avenue for individuals to express and discover truths about themselves. It is one of the many tools that we have found that really works for young adults.
"Gatehouse has a goal of providing all possible options to engage the young adults in our care," said Kent Sherman, the CEO of Gatehouse Academy. "Acting has proven to be an avenue for individuals to express and discover truths about themselves. It is one of the many tools that we have found that really works for young adults."

Classes in The Meisner Technique will be taught by Matt Brown. They are structured to help young adults overcome fear of speaking in public, as well as build a stronger sense of self worth. The classes will also help the participants better understand themselves, their emotions, and the choices they make.

"Acting is an excellent way to get the young people at Gatehouse Academy in touch with emotions that they may not be able to express verbally on their own." says Brown. I'm excited to be a part of expanding our curriculum to include another way to touch the lives of these wonderful young adults. I'm convinced that the better we understand ourselves the more empathetic we can be and the more accurately we can understand the world around us."

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