Smoke Farm School

513-1/2 Federal Ave. E. 
Seattle, WA 98102


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The Rubicon Foundation, a not-for-profit education foundation with IRS 501 (c) (3) status, was incorporated in 1992. The foundation was formed to attract a nucleus of people who recognize the need for a new educational experiment that can meet the special challenges and possibilities of the world in which we live. The Foundation draws its name from the river Rubicon in northern Italy , famously crossed by Julius Caesar in 49 B.C. The word rubicon has come to symbolize a crossing which commits a person irrevocably.

The Rubicon Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, disability, or sexual orientation in the administration of its business, in its admissions to its programs, or in the development and implementation of its projects.

Owned and operated as a dairy by the Smoke family, the site was chosen because of its beauty, privacy, and proximity to Seattle.

The Rubicon Foundation is an experiment in community for Seattle artists, educators, performers, philosophers, activists, instigators and agitators. Foundation activities gather individuals and groups to create the intellectual, emotional, and physical space that can sustain and empower the creative minds who bring hope and vision to our community and contemporary culture.

The Smoke Farm Advisory Committee:

May Ackerman
Kate Fernandez

Joanna Greene
Craig Hollow

Katherine Howe
Mike Katell

Toby Keys

Azur Koteen
Andrew Marsters
Terrance McKittrick
Adam Nishimura
Linden Ontjes

Daniel Thornton

Zoe Scofield

Constance Sebastian

Erin Shafkind

Juniper Shuey
Stuart Smithers
Ken Williford

Jennifer Zeyl

The Rubicon Foundation Directors:

Stuart Smithers
Patrick Brennan
Craig Hollow
Richard B Levenson, General Counsel


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