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In today’s fast-paced and complicated world, many teenagers become overwhelmed by the pressures of school, expectations and temptations in their peer relationships, and stresses at home. It is easy for adolescents to veer off course, making poor choices that may profoundly affect their futures.

Teen Pathways: Solutions & Support
We provide personalized guidance to help teens rediscover their healthy and purposeful paths, and families to regain trust, closeness, and connection.

Who We Are
We are licensed therapists with extensive experience working with at-risk teenagers and their families. We provide educational and therapeutic consultation, individualized assessment, treatment choices for home or residential settings, and a unique parent support service.

Our Clients
Families contact us from across the country because of our expertise in dealing with a full range of pre-adolescent to young adult difficulties.

Some seek preventive measures, while others are coping with unsafe or rapidly escalating situations, legal troubles, lives spun out of control. We provide guidance and support at every level.

Adolescence is a period of development and change, and teenagers undergoing rapid physical, emotional, and social growth frequently are moody, uncommunicative, tired, and difficult to live with. Parents often ask themselves: “Is this normal?”

Common Warning Signs:

Difficulty moving ahead after setbacks; over-reacting to minor events

Rationalizing mistakes; blaming others for shortcomings

A sense of entitlement; arrogance; little empathy for others

Low motivation; underachievement

Frequently worried or anxious

Perfectionism; inflexibility; standards set unrealistically high

Problems with authority figures; disrespectful behavior

Manipulation driven by high IQ

Defiance ; volatile anger; lies

Loss of interest in sports or activities that were formerly enjoyed

Social problems; sudden change of friends; negative peer group

All-consuming relationships or promiscuity

Sleeping far too much or too little

Issues with eating or with body image

Cries a lot; feels worthless or guilty; seems depressed

Substance abuse or dependence

Addiction to internet gaming or porn

After earning a post-graduate specialization in Couples and Family Therapy, Ellen has worked with adolescents and their families in a lengthy private practice. Having personally experienced the stress and fear of parenting an at-risk adolescent, she brings a wealth of experience, perspective, and humor to her consultation and psychotherapy clients.

Ellen enjoys traveling to evaluate schools and programs, and feels inspired by the commitment and creativity of many of the professionals she meets. She also loves cooking, hiking, macro photography, and spending time with her family.

Ellen lives in Marin County with her husband and teenage daughter, and is visited frequently (especially at dinnertime!) by her two “twenty-something” sons.

We take a family systems and comprehensive approach to assessing each teenager’s strengths and weaknesses. We coach families through programs that help the family, and not just the teenager."

Ellen Sanford

Educational Consultant

(415) 945-3200

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