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Sonlight Shelter offers a temporary home where a troubled child is given the opportunity to live with adults and peers in a family environment. The discipline is caring and consistent. At Sonlight Shelter, the child experiences an individualized program which fosters self-respect, personal responsibility, and self-discipline. We operate two non-profit, residential group homes. We are dedicated to the preservation of the family; we seek to help and reunite families

you can call our office at (307)587-3167 and someone will be glad to help you and answer any questions

Rebellious toward Parents/Authority
Sexually Active
Occasional/Moderate Drug/Alcohol Usage
Peer/Sibling Conflict
Out of Control
Low self-esteem
Sneaks Out
Skips School
Poor peer choice
Impulsive behavior
Narcissistic Behavior

We strive to involve our clients in therapeutic recreation activities such as camping, fishing, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, swimming, rafting, hiking, scenic tours, and more. In the summer of 1996, we began taking our clients on pack trips; on these outings the clients enjoy interacting with the horses, counselors, and fellow clients. We also encourage our residents to develop hobbies and participate in extracurricular activities and youth groups

is a Christian Home nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just 50 miles East of Yellowstone National Park.

The Boys’ Home, state certified in April of 1993, is located approximately twenty-two miles NE of Cody and seven miles NW of Powell. Located on four acres of rural property with a year round stream running through it, the house has approximately 4,000 square feet of living area with accommodations for ten male clients. The property can also accommodate farm animals for client projects, and the stream produces good trout fishing. The facilities offer an indoor weight room and an outdoor half court for basketball. The environment promotes a family atmosphere, which is clean, wholesome, and safe.

The Girls’ Home, state certified in March 1994, is located within the town of Cody. Situated adjacent to a large park, the girls have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor recreation. The home is a brand new structure with approximately 1500 square feet of living area on the main floor and the same in the full basement. This house can comfortably accommodate ten female clients. The location of the house offers quick access to Cody’s schools, recreation, businesses, medical facilities, and social activities. We cultivate a family atmosphere which is clean, wholesome, and safe.

The core of our program is a structured level system in which residents are rewarded for positive behavior. As a resident builds responsibility, they are given additional rewards and freedoms. Those that choose to continue making poor choices, are given progressively more supervision and structure

This year we are again offering SWEP Family Week! For five days, we are taking a child and their parent into the wilderness. The purpose of this is to help with family reunification. We want to teach the family unit how to deal with each other through courage, integrity, leadership, curiosity and concern. The family unit will be able to learn basic skills, develop strong teamwork, and enjoy wilderness beauty. No prior experience is necessary.

Jim Stockberger, BA; Executive Director/Founder
Jim received his Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Education from Pacific Christian College in Fullerton, California. Jim worked for three years with youth gangs in South Gate (inner-city L.A.), California. In 1986, Jim became involved in the group home business as a House Parent. He quickly advanced to the position of Program Coordinator in Northern California. In 1993, Jim opened a shelter in Park County, Wyoming. He chose to serve in Park County because of its need and beauty.

Dr. Larry Andrews, PHD; Licensed Professional Counselor
Larry has worked with Sonlight Shelter for 8 years. He holds several licenses and certificates in both counseling and drug and alcohol related fields. Larry does both groups and individual work with our youth.

Mary Charles Pryor, BA; Program Coordinator
Mary Charles is responsible for our Foster Agency and manages our After Care caseload. She acts as a liaison between parents, the community, and the Department of Family Services. She received her Bachelor of Arts in History & Professional Education and is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. She has a Teaching Certificate in Secondary Education and has taught for two years. Mary Charles has been with Sonlight Shelter for 8 years

Risee’ Poole; Program Supervisor
Risee’ is the assistant to the Executive Director. She trains and supervises staff, and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Sonlight Shelter office, both group homes and the Transition Program. She has been a part of Sonlight Shelter for eight years.

SWEP offers a fresh start. It is an intervention when the regular process of accountability has not generated a significant change in the student’s attitude. Routine, structure, and group accountability are key elements of SWEP. We push the students to take responsibility for their actions and their lives; the burden to change an attitude and a lifestyle should rest upon the student’s shoulders. Initially the staff demonstrates the set up of camp and the routine. After the initial demonstration, the students are responsible for carrying on the tradition and routines.

Sonlight Shelter is a faith based program and believe our spiritual training may be the most important part of our program. We encourage the residents to participate in various activities to help them grow in their spiritual training. These activities include: church attendance, participation in a youth group, youth rallies, Christian camps, Bible studies, etc. The vast majority of children willingly participate, however, participation in spiritual training is voluntary and only with the parents permission.


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