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The Grove School program is a co-educational, therapeutic boarding school for adolescents who, because of social/emotional difficulties, have been unable to make satisfactory adjustments in their home, their school, or their social relationships.

The Grove School provides a therapeutic milieu for young people who are experiencing emotional and learning challenges that affect the quality of their lives. By weaving our various therapeutic facets into a seamless whole, we provide an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and the development of meaningful relationships.

The creation of a seamless interface between academic, clinical, residential, and administrative components is the foundation of our treatment model. This resulting therapeutic environment addresses each student’s unique individual needs as well as their social and interpersonal responsibilities and obligations. Self-respect, accountability for one’s decisions and actions, the capacity to develop trusting relationships, and the successful navigation of academic demands are the goals of our treatment program.

Grove encourages inquiries and referrals from parents, therapists, educational consultants, and school representatives. Requirements include an interview and a school tour with parents and the student. Appointments for interviews must be made in advance. Referral materials, including but not limited to educational transcripts and summaries, and a recent psychological, psycho-educational, and/or assessment should be sent to the Director of Admissions after a preliminary referral call requesting information.

Grove School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, or national origin in its admission policies.

Grove is a therapeutic boarding school that serves students grades 7 - 12 who have had a history of emotional issues that have interfered with their academic success, socialization, and home life. We provide each student with a therapeutic milieu where their academic, social and emotional needs are addressed through individual and group therapy as well as a small classroom setting. Our program does not treat children with chronic substance abuse issues, conduct disorders or history of physical aggressiveness.

So that we are better able to help your child, we request the following information:

Most current IEP from your school system, if applicable.
Current transcript showing grades and earned credits.
Immunization record.
Current psychological testing, WISC III.
Letter from current therapist
Discharge summary from hospitalization, if applicable.
Neuropsychological testing, if applicable.
Medication history, if applicable.
After reading the provided material, Admissions assesses whether the child may be an appropriate candidate for the Grove School. At this time, we would request the family, including the perspective student, to visit our program. This interview is an informal process so that family and the Grove School can become better acquainted. A tour will be provided by a current Grove student so that the family and child can get his or her perspective of daily life. Final decisions on admissions are made by the admissions committee which consists of the Director of Admissions, CEO, Executive Director, Medical/Clinical Director, Education Director, and other Directors as may be able to attend. Included in the decision are not only the child's records but also their interest in becoming a part of the Grove community with its emphasis on growth and change as well as our assessment of the student's motivation. Another important factor is our assessment of the family's commitment and willingness to be a positive force in their child's treatment.

We have a rolling admissions policy in order to help expedite placement if there are vacancies.

Application Timetable

Initial inquiries are welcome at any time. Interviews and tours are conducted from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday except during vacation periods. Application may be made at any time during the school year and the summer. Grove has an open, rolling admissions policy. Parents are advised of the admission decision shortly after the interview.

Grove is a therapeutic boarding school that serves students grades 7 - 12 who have had a history of emotional issues that have interfered with their academic success, socialization, and home life. We provide each student with a therapeutic milieu where their academic, social and emotional needs are addressed through individual and group therapy as well as a small classroom setting. Our program does not treat children with chronic substance abuse issues, conduct disorders or history of physical aggressiveness.

We conduct a vigorous and supportive academic program from grade seven through graduation. We evaluate each child and design a program appropriate to their individual needs, altering their program as changes take place in his/her personality, social development, and academic preformance.

In order to provide the quality of our individualized programs our classes are small, with some of them conducted on a tutorial basis. We provide students with an opportunity to utilize the facilities of our reading, mathematics, and computer programs for remedial and developmental purposes. We attempt to meet each individual at their functioning level; to utilize his/her interests, and through therapeutic re-education help them achieve academic and personal success.

The School offers a complete, generally noncompetitive coed sports program that emphasizes participation, the benefits of physical activity in the development of a sound body, and the social benefits to be derived from games and play. There are opportunities to take part in off-campus sports activities that include skiing, bowling, sailing, scouting, golf, scuba diving, canoeing, rafting, water-skiing, horseback riding, biking, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, and camping trips. There are also competitive teams in basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, and soccer as well as intramural basketball and floor hockey. Individual interests in specific activities such as tennis, racquetball, weight training, and golf may be pursued on an individual basis where appropriate.

In addition to its gymnasium, Grove maintains a basketball and soccer field. The Madison beaches on the Long Island Sound are used for sailing, and swimming.

Grove School offers a variety of both team sports and intramural sports. Students are strongly encouraged to participate no matter what their ability level of previous participation may be. All students who are interested are given the opportunity to play. The competitive interscholastic team sports include baseball, basketball, soccer and softball and we play against many other small day and boarding schools in the area. Intramural sports at Grove include floor hockey, tennis, golf, volleyball and bowling.

Individual psychotherapy is a very important piece of the Grove program. At Grove each child is seen twice a week in individual psychotherapy with one of our clinical staff. The children enjoy a confidential relationship with their therapist and work towards a strong therapeutic alliance which encourages and enables the children to talk about the issues and concerns in their life. All children also participate in weekly group counseling facilitated by a therapist and an administrator. These groups give the children an opportunity to have their behaviors reflected back to them by their peers in a safe and non-threatening way. It I also gives them an opportunity to express themselves in a small group and gain positive experiences in relating more appropriately with their peers.

We are located on over 90 acres of beautifully wooded land in the shoreline town of Madison, Connecticut.

Relationships are the cornerstone of the Grove treatment process. The relationships that the students develop with significant adults, as well as their peers, become one of the primary vehicles for change in their lives. It is through these relationships that the students can begin to explore new options, and gain insight into their behavior.

The cost of tuition (education $31,500 residential $21,700, and clinical services $19,700) as of 2004 is $72,900. (Tuition is subject to change.) Two months' tuition must be paid in advance upon admission. Billing thereafter is done on a monthly basis in advance at a rate of $6075 per month.

A deposit of $1000 must accompany a completed application prior to admission. Upon Admission, the $1000 application fee will be applied to the incidental account as a security deposit. This sum remains as a revolving fund to cover personal expenses and is to be replenished on a monthly basis.

Incidental expenses include, but are not limited to, transportation, medical and dental fees, clothing purchases, school supplies, books, laundry, special instruction, and special recreational events (which require advanced parental permission, including international travel, skiing, and the schooner sailing program). Specialty services as required are billed separately.

Deposits are required for all new students irrespective of the funding source. The deposit schedule is as follows:

Private Funding: The deposit required upon admission will be the first and last months tuition payment of $12,150.

Partial Funding: Where there is partial funding from Parents, School Districts, or Social Services or the combination of both, the security deposit required upon admission will be $2000 plus the balance of the monthly tuition for which you are responsible. At the conclusion of the student's stay, this deposit will be refunded minus any outstanding balance.

Our fees may be deductible for federal income tax purposes under section 1.213.1 (E) (1) (V) (A) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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