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10 months

Licensed for both residential treatment and day treatment, Life-Line is a family focused, long-term (approximately 10-12 months) treatment program that creates positive change using a therapeutic community model. A positive peer culture that demands honesty, personal accountability, and service to others provides opportunity for individual growth and recovery. A foundation of honesty and personal insight is essential before youth can develop healthy relationships with family and friends, perform well in school, and make positive contributions to society. A gradual growth process through five levels of recovery provides the structure and framework to be successful.

At Life-Line, we provide an evaluation for each student which includes a psychiatric evaluation, psychological testing (MMPI-A, Beck Depression Inventory, Mental Status Exam), a psychosocial history, and a complete lab workup (CMP, routine and microscopic urinalysis, pregnancy testing, thyroid battery, and drug screen). Psychiatric evaluations and medication management are provided by Ralph W. Knapp, M.D.

At Life-Line, it is our mission to help youth overcome substance abuse, family problems, school failures, depression, criminal behavior, low self-esteem, and other compulsive/impulsive problems that prevent teens from being successful. We address problems relating to sexual trauma and offer specialized treatment for the sexually reactive youth

handled by Davis School District and a Woodland. Enrollees live in private homes.

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(801) 936-4000

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