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15 to 18

Boys Only

Call admissions department for current tuition.

3 to 12 months

New Direction focuses on the "here and now" issues of a young man’s life and stresses a positive peer community emphasizing leadership qualities and positive self-image. We utilize a reality-based counseling approach that, through the use of cognitive behavioral techniques, develops problem solving, coping, self-help, and socialization skills. This orientation places significant expectations on the adolescent to take responsibility for his situation and to address it in a proper manner.

15 beds

New Direction is designed to meet the needs of young men ages 15 to 18 who have a history of intensive treatment and are in need of a structured step-down program or who come from home and don't need long term treatment, but need more structure that the home can provide.

New Direction combines traditional group home services with experiential and adventure-based outdoor services, all in a safe and nurturing environment. We utilize and stress the importance of group process through which residents are able to impact one another in a manner that produces positive and lasting change. Our residents are actively involved in community activities, individual and group counseling, educational tutoring, life skills, job placement, and career planning.

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Family Involvement

Family Involvement is Key to Your Child’s Improvement
Even though your child may not be living at home, you will still be an important part of his or her life and treatment. Family involvement is key to the success of our programs. Visitation shows support for your child and restores the child’s faith in himself and the family.

As soon as your child enters a Three Springs program we begin the process for reunifying your child with your family.

Program Cost

Financial Help for Three Springs Programs?
Many families come to us with one main question… we have the resources to pay for this program? We’ve worked with many families just like yours to find ways to afford the treatment your child so desperately needs.

Once we have identified the Three Springs program that best suits your child, our admissions staff will help you find and verify funding resources.

A variety of sources may be available, including loans, insurance, educational funding, tax deductions and adoption subsidy funding.

Three Springs will work with you to find a financial solution so you can get the help your child needs.

Education loans are available for Three Springs programs through the following lending institutions. For more information contact:

Key Education Resources - 1-800-KEY LEND

PrepGate – 1-888-353-GATE

We suggest that you contact your insurance company and check mental health benefits for Residential Treatment. Few insurance policies provide for this type of treatment, but some may be willing to work with you. If insurance does agree to pay a portion of your child’s stay, you will still be responsible for making regular payments and letting insurance reimburse you. We will provide you with UB92’s to bill your insurance company on your own behalf.

Educational Funding
Your local school district may pay part of your child’s tuition under federal “civil rights for the handicapped” legislation PL101-476. Contact the Director of Special Education or a Guidance Counselor in your child’s school to learn about this option.

Tax Deductions
Some of your child’s tuition may be tax deductible. Speak to your accountant to understand what costs you may be able to deduct.

Adoption Subsidy Funding
If your child was adopted through an agency, they may be eligible for Adoption Subsidy Funding. Contact your local Department of Health and Human Services. Ask about federal funding for adopted children: Post Adoption Special Services Subsidy and Title 4E.

All financial arrangements must be set up and verified prior to admission.

Contact Three Springs for more information about specific program costs and ways we can help you provide the treatment your child needs. You can also fill out our online consultation and we will evaluate your child's needs and, if you wish, contact you by phone.

The Best Residential Treatment Programs Available
You want only the best for your child; that is why you are seeking out the best treatment program. And providing superior care is the reason Three Springs has set up strong safeguards for your child, by hiring the best licensed professional counselors, family service providers and staff members in our field.

All programs are staffed with consulting psychologists and psychiatrists.

Direct Care Counselors, who work with your child on a daily basis, hold a minimum of a bachelor degree in social science or therapeutic recreation.

Family Service Workers, who will be working with your whole family, have a minimum of a bachelor degree in social science and are supervised by someone with a master’s degree in counseling or a related field.

Our educational staff meets all requirements for licensing and accreditation, and each staff member has specialized training in his or her subject area.

You Can Continue Family Counseling with Your Referring Professional
At Three Springs we want to keep the referring professional involved with the family as much as possible. Your referring professional may wish to continue counseling the family while the child is in the program. With the parents’ consent, we will send frequent updates on the child’s progress and consult with the referring professional on an aftercare plan once the child seems close to graduation.

Our goal is for a seamless connection between the work done previously with your child, his or her stay in the program and his or her successful reintegration into the family.

To find out more about your child’s access to professional help, contact Three Springs.

New Direction

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