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New Leaf Academy provides a safe and structured living and educational environment for younger girls who may need extra help and guidance in achieving their academic and personal potential. Our program fosters an attitude of optimism and develops responsibility, accomplishment, and an eagerness to learn and grow. Our students learn to develop the talent and abilities they have and, in turn, to give these gifts to others.

50 beds (2 campuses)
One of our keys to success at New Leaf Academy is our admissions process. Considering a student for enrollment allows for careful review, both by parents and NLA Staff. It is our job to ensure an appropriate fit between a prospective student and our program..

Our admissions team is available to speak with you. We invite you to call us anytime at 541-318-1676 or complete our inquiry form to contact us via email. Our fax number is 541-318-1709.

If you're interested in moving forward, go to our application section and download an application. Once you have completed the application, you can fax or mail it to us. Information on tuition and fees is also available.

This is an extremely critical decision for you and your family and we recognize the many issues that present themselves at this time. We are here to guide you through the process and provide you with the information needed so you can evaluate our program. Keep in mind that because we are a school for young girls, we must be vigilant about safety , which starts with bringing the right student to our doors.

Thank you for joining us in this process of consideration.

New Leaf Academy is for younger girls, ages 10-13 at time of admission, who may need extra help and guidance in achieving their academic and personal potential. Students may experience problems with attention deficit, mild depression, bipolar symptoms, compulsion, and a range of learning difficulties. Behaviors may include tantrums, lack of personal boundaries, inability to read social cues, physical aggression, and narcissism

Students at New Leaf Academy experience change and growth through a comprehensive program of individualized counseling and education that recognizes the needs of the whole child. Students are encouraged to re-examine and re-think their perceptions of the world and to recognize and appreciate the opportunities that life holds for them. Our behavioral program encourages personal responsibility and a commitment to family, school, and community while our individualized academic program stimulates each child to rediscover the excitement of learning. Finally, our fine arts program provides an outlet for creative self-expression.

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