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Our Continuum of Treatment integrates clinical psychiatric practice in the least restrictive setting with academic excellence, and pastoral care with an emphasis on family values.

Youth likely to benefit from our Continuum of Treatment are those experiencing family conflict, mood disorders, disruptive behavorial disorders, anxiety disorders, including PTSD, attention and learning disorders, co-occurring substance abuse, and/or social maladjustment.

Our 400 acre campus is located west of Billings, Montana, and serves a diverse client population originating from across the state and country. Heritage/ethnic celebrations and presentations accompanied with a culture specific library and community resources help youth and staff learn to understand and respect cultural differences.

Children, adolescents, and their families are referred to YBGR by parents, psychiatrists, psychologists, clergy, social workers, professional counselors, juvenile court workers, school counselors, families, inpatient hospital discharge planners and other agencies and individuals.

At the time of referral, youth are evaluated for program appropriateness. Acceptance for admission is based on the clinical criteria and needs of the youth. If general admission criteria are met, further analysis is conducted to determine which specific treatment program level of the YBGR continuum of care is appropriate. The multifaceted nature of a youth's problems is examined through a multi-axial assessment process. The goal is to identify each youth's unique attributes through evaluations and personal history.

YBGR gathers pre- and post- treatment behavioral/emotional adjustment ratings on youth in the residential program. The assessment instruments being utilized are the ASEBA© scales and the CAFAS®. Assessment and outcomes are an important component of current behavioral practices and help YBGR evaluate and improve programs.

Yellowstone Academy is an accredited K-8 public school district and an accredited private high school staffed by Montana-certified teachers and administrators, teaching assistants, and support personnel. YA has developed an extensive educational program to serve seriously emotionally/behaviorally disturbed children and adolescents. YA strives to develop an educational foundation in students to enable them to continue pursuing an education.
The high staff to student ratio allows for small group and individual instruction, flexible scheduling, and individualized prescriptive teaching/learning. Each student receives an educational assessment to identify strengths and determine current levels of functioning/achievement. Results of this assessment, referral documents, and educational history are used to create individualized education plans.

Students are placed in courses that are appropriate for age, development, grade, skill level, learning style and future goals.

Our continuum of instruction includes self-contained and rotation classrooms with departmentalized classes in Science, Mathematics, English, and Social Studies. In the area of fine arts, students may take elective classes in Art, Music and Choir. Practical art electives include Drafting, Small Engines, Welding, Woodworking, Horticulture, and Construction. An equestrian program is available and utilizes the YBGR year-round riding arena. Seasonal offerings include instruction in downhill skiing.

YA's curriculum offerings are extensive. With parental consent, youth are provided with the following educational options:

Regular Education
Special Education
G.E.D./Adult Education
504 Education
Title I
Services for Gifted Children
Vocational Education
Online college classes
Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization Program
Day School

The Bill and Anita Jones Equestrian Center, located at Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, provides a 41,000 sq. feet covered arena capable of hosting a variety of events including horse shows, barrel racing, breakaway roping, reigning and cutting events, 4-H Club events, saddle club events, equine assisted psychotherapy, equine clinics and seminars.
If you would like to hold your next event at the Bill and Anita Jones Equestrian Center, please call: 406-651-2743

Or write:
Bill and Anita Jones Equestrian Center
1732 S. 72nd Street W.
Billings, MT 59106-3599

Equestrian Center Features:

A large (41,000 sq. feet) covered arena with the flexibility to accommodate many types of events
Seating capacity for 300 at arena events
One outdoor warm up exercise arena
Sound system
Clean restroom
Concession stand
Ground crew to help set up arena and maintain cleanliness
Equestrian Center area fenced to provide security
Ample parking for pickups and trailers
Stalls for horses
RV/Camper hookups with amenities.

An integral component in the continuum of our services is the residential treatment component. Yellowstone has helped more than 4,500 youth and their families since 1957. YBGR's focus is on rebuilding healthy relationships while teaching productive life skills to the youth and their families. Our desire is to encourage each youth with hope, courage, and confidence.

A primary goal of treatment at YBGR is to teach youth how to form trusting relationships. A structured milieu therapy program is utilized to facilitate change. Positively based contingency management systems are employed to create a treatment environment that promotes improved interpersonal skills while conforming and modifying behaviors that interfere with developing relationships.

Yellowstone Academy has a high standard of educational excellence which enables youth to set and achieve academic goals. Youth admitted to residential treatment attend the Yellowstone Academy, receive therapy and pastoral care, and are encouraged to participate in community service projects.

In participating in community service and volunteer projects the youth have an opportunity to give something back to the community in which they live. The youth and team together decide what project(s) they would like to do and then set about arranging schedules for the work to be done.

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