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This comprehensive mental health program was specially developed by the clinical team of The Pines Residential Treatment Center and is designed to serve younger male adolescents ages 11 to 13 who suffer from emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric disorders. Located on the Kempsville Campus in Norfolk, Virginia, the Young Adolescent Program is designed for those with resident is likely to have an Oppositional-Disorder; Attention Deficit; Depressive Disorder; Impulsive Control Disorder; Anxiety Disorder or a combination of some of these. He also may have had some minor run-ins with legal authorities, but is not a repeated juvenile offender nor a seriously aggressive/assaultive individual

Designed for Male Youth Ages 11 - 13 with:

DSM-IV-R diagnosis of psychiatric illness.
Exhibits repeated pattern of physical aggression.
Failure to utilize school d and treatment resources due to marked emotional.
Frequently loses temper in severe degree.
Persistently defies adult rules resulting in danger to self or others.
Persistently worries excessively and/or unrealistically about competency, past behavior or future events.
Markedly impaired social judgment.
Pervasive and persistent substance abuse.
Partially controlled psychotic symptoms.
Persistently depressed mood with eating disturbance, sleep disturbance low energy level, low self esteem, poor concentration, which has not responded to other treatment efforts.

Academic activities are taught/supervised by certified teachers in self-contained classrooms in an adjacent school building. Therapeutic activities are planned/implemented by registered activity therapists and their assistants. On-unit activities, some socialization activities and general supervision are conducted/supervised by residential counselors (most of whom have college bachelor's degrees), program coordinators and a program manager. Medications as well as assessments (at times) for need for special precaution are done by RN's and LPN's privileged for same. Psychiatric Management is provided by a Board Certified Psychiatrist and the program's Clinical Director a licensed Clinical Psychologist

The Young Adolescent Program provides a highly structured, culturally-appropriate and psycho-educational experience designed to promote self-awareness, self-control, and cooperation with reasonable demands made by adults in areas paralleled to demands made back in the residents home communities. Services include individual psychotherapy; specialized group focused therapies; thinking errors, anger management, male identification, problem solving, and skills training (social skills) groups; family therapy; psychiatric chemotherapy and medical management; specialized activities therapies; a full range of on-site educational services (self-contained classes); and specialized instructions in skills of daily living. All treatment occurs in a highly structured and scheduled milieu with a maximum of twelve (12) residents in the program and services are available during all waking-hours seven days a week.

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