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Each participant is an individual who progresses at a different rate. No two children are the same. Therefore, we do not have a standard return date for your child's return home. Each child goes home when he/she is ready. We employ a mandatory three month minimum stay in our program. However, the average length that adolescents reside in our facilities is approximately 1 year. The length of stay for your child will depend upon his/her goals and success in the program. For example, if your adolescent chooses to stay and attend a semester of college before returning home, the length of stay may be longer

Turning Winds offers a year round open enrollment, co-ed residential treatment program dedicated to assisting families in crisis with troubled teens. We serve families with children between the ages of 12-17. Our services include individualized therapy with a licensed counselor, outdoor recreation and academic assistance in a unique home-like environment. With residential care at its core, we specialize in assisting teens who exhibit problems

An admissions specialist is available five days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST), to answer any questions that you may have about placing your child in our care. To speak with one of our admissions personnel call (800) 845-1380 or contact us and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible

* Depression
* Defiance
* Lack of control
* Failure in school
* Runaway behavior
* Lack of motivation
* Low self-esteem
* Manipulation
* Poor relationships with family and friends

We offer a unique and dynamic learning experience for each child. This is accomplished by realizing that each pupil learns differently. Success lies in the ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each child. The strengths are then reinforced through peer tutoring while the weaknesses are overcome through one-on-one tutoring.

At Turning Winds academics can be accomplished through accredited correspondence courses, GED advancement and/or through early college entry

Northern Idaho is a recreational wonderland. We are surrounded by pine trees, lakes, rivers, streams and mountains. We certainly take advantage of our environment. One of the most exciting and therapeutic outdoor activities that your child will participate in is a 7-10 day backpacking trip called "course." The Course is outlined in more detail in the program description.

During late spring, summer and early fall some activities might be:

Motivational sessions
Field trips
Tending a garden
Group sessions
Fitness Workout
Building and creating
During late fall, winter and early spring a few of these activities may be:

Fitness workout
Survival activities
Building and creating
Field trips

Yes. Currently, we have a Ph.D., NCC as part of our therapeutic team.

Weekly counseling sessions are held in order to optimize emotional growth and students are encouraged to participate in a variety of outdoor recreational activities such as skiing, basketball, volleyball and boating. Additional activities such as going to the movies, bowling or shopping at the mall can be earned based on the student’s progression.

The Turning Winds facilities are homes situated on approximately 80 acres of woods in Montana. Each child has a bed and receives a daily hot shower. Hot meals are prepared by the participants who are guided by staff. Chores are also the responsibility of each student. Washing dishes, cleaning the counters, cleaning the table, washing the pots and pans, putting away the food, preparing the weekly food inventory, wiping down counters, stove, refrigerator, cleaning the bathrooms, their rooms and daily bed making. The participants become self motivated and self reliant.

Weekly phone calls are made from staff to parents. Parents must be available for these pre-scheduled phone calls. Parents must also support the program and its staff during the child's stay at Turning Winds. Weekly letters are required from the parent to the adolescent. Parents are required to write a "time-line" (see parent handbook) to arrive at Turning Winds within the first 10 days of the adolescents stay. Parents are also required to write an "issue letter" (see parent handbook) to arrive during the adolescents 3rd week of stay. Each parent is required too participate in their child's graduation from the Orientation Phase of the program which happens between 8-12 weeks after the adolescent's arrival at Turning Winds. During and after the child is enrolled in the Turning Winds program, the parents must attend formal family and individual counseling

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The three phases of the Turning Winds Program are: the Orientation Phase, the Transition Phase and the Aftercare Phase. The Orientation Phase involves stabilization, counseling, group therapy, academics and family reunification. The Transition Phase of the program is designed to maintain change. During this portion of the program, each adolescent continues in counseling, group therapy and academics. Also, he/she will be given privileges and responsibilities that are similar to those that he/she will experience upon returning home. The Aftercare Phase allows the adolescent to keep in contact with Turning Winds Staff and to work through issues or problems that may occur after your child returns home.

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