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Boys and Girls

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3-6 months

Care Academy is a long-term, residential treatment facility and therapeutic boarding school that specializes in helping troubled teenagers. We offer:

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
Programs for Emotional and/or Behavioral Disorders
Programs for Dual Diagnosis
Care Academy recognizes each student's individual needs and teaches residents skills to help them recover and maintain a healthy, successful lifestyle.

Referrals to Care Academy can be made from any person concerned about a child's well being. Referrals can be taken from community service workers, hospitals, clinics, the court system, or from individuals who wish to enroll their child through private pay. An evaluation will be conducted for each referral and can be conducted Monday thru Friday during normal business hours. Placement at Care Academy can be reserved using Visa or Master Card.

Normal, healthy, capable boys and girls, ages 13-18, who have run into trouble either at home or at school. Some of them come from dysfunctional or broken homes. Many of them have failed in their traditional schools. None of them are functioning at their full potential. A few of these children will be troubled children who will need, and receive, extra care and supervision.

Credits earned at Care Academy transfer to the other public schools in Kentucky, as well as schools nationally

After assessment and evaluation, services will be coordinated through a multi-disciplinary team and the youth's Comprehensive Individual Treatment Plan (CITP) to develop and accomplish goals for success.

Individual, group, and specialized counseling are built into the program to meet the needs of each youth. Therapeutic services include issues such as chemical dependency, anger management, mental illness, educational underachievement, coping and social skills, abuse and neglect, and emotional/behavioral disturbances. Disciplines in the areas of social work, psychology, psychiatry, education, art therapy, dietary, recreation and crisis intervention are demonstrated through a psycho-educational model for a youth's individual need. Aftercare services are available for coordination of continuing services once a resident has completed Care Academy's program to ensure successful transition back to the home and community.

Care Academy operates the drug rehabilitation and emotional/ behavioral programs in a seventy-two bed, co-ed facility located in Willisburg, Kentucky. The rolling hills, supportive community, and rural location make Willisburg a great place for your child to grow, learn, and recover. This peaceful community is far from noisy interstate highways, urban dangers, and other distractions.

The mission of Care Academy, Inc., is to provide a continuum of quality residential services for troubled and at-risk youth. Care Academy, Inc., intends to provide educational, behavioral, developmental, and chemical dependency programs as needed to promote the health and well being of youth. Care Academy believes in providing and supporting a range of effective services that hold youth accountable for their actions and gives them the skills they need to live productive and crime-free lives

Payment is usually through state or federal programs. However, before a child will qualify for state or federal payment, he/she must have either been removed from the home by the courts, must be a ward of the state, or must have qualified for state Medicaid money.

Some private health insurance providers will pay some of the cost, for children who suffer certain medical conditions.

Many parents will be required to pay this rate from their own private funds in order to get their child back on track.

Payment arrangements can be made.

Care Academy's team of caring, qualified, experienced professionals is committed to providing the highest quality of care in adolescent drug rehabilitation, emotional/behavioral disorders treatment, and education services for your child. The Academy offers adolescent drug rehabilitation and emotional/behavioral disorders programs as well as day treatment programs. Your child will benefit from our cross-discipline team of the following professionals:

Case Managers
Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Certified School Psychologist
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor
Registered Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse
Youth Minister
In addition, Care Academy contracts with the following specialists for the benefit of your child:

Art Therapist
Certified Teachers
General Medical Practitioner
Licensed Social Worker
Recreation Therapist
Registered Dietician

Care Academy

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