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Boys and Girls

Call admissions department for current tuition.

A child’s length of stay depends on many factors. How well they respond to their individual service plan and the conditions of the home environment are factors in their return home. Some children do not have a home to return to.

Joy Ranch exists to provide a home for children and youth who are in distress situations. The home provides for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the child while emphasizing the need for a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Joy Ranch has a rich history of over 40 years of ministry with a bright outlook to the future. The vision of Joy Ranch is to provide a 24 hour emergency placement cottage, to endow each of the cottages for perpetual resources, and to develop the Equestrian Program to enhance the residents relational skills.

Application Packets may be requested and mailed to your address or you may download them from this site and mail the completed application to our office.

After completing an application packet for admission, the child and parent(s) or guardian must come to

Joy Ranch for a pre-placement interview.

A completed physical evaluation and included standing orders form must be submitted within 90 days prior to admission.

If the admission is an emergency placement, the physical must be completed within 30 days after the admission.

Any other pertinent information such as school records, psychiatric information and medical information to include medical, dental, and optometrist information must be submitted along with the application.

Out of state residents must complete an interstate compact form which must be sent to the Virginia interstate compact for approval.

Consent to exchange information forms must be signed and submitted before admission

Boys or Girls ages 5 - 17

Children must have an IQ of 70 or above.

Children/ adolescents with mild to moderate emotional and/ or behavioral problems, such as depression, anxiety, oppositional/ defiant behavior, lying, stealing, school conduct problems, academic underachievement, poor social skills, issues related to past abuse, poor anger management, poor self image, etc. Children/ adolescents exhibiting more severe problems will be evaluated on an individual, case by case basis.

No history of sexual offending behavior or sexual perpetration

No history of major criminal activity.

Children must be free of any alcohol or drug addictions.

Joy Ranch accepts referrals from numerous sources which includes, but is not limited to, the

Department of Social Services, private agencies, mental health agencies and individuals such as

parents and legal guardians.

Individual, Group and Family Therapy

Each resident is provided biweekly individual therapy by on site counselors/therapists. Group therapy occurs in each cottage on a weekly basis. Topics include but are not limited to: anger management, how to be a friend, conflict resolution, dealing with peer pressure, substance abuse and any other pertinent issues.

All therapy/counseling is Biblically based and serves to share Biblical standards and principles for everyday life, relationships, and current events.

Joy Ranch Facility
The present Joy Ranch campus comprises 62 acres of rolling countryside in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The complex has five ranch-style cottages, a gymnasium-auditorium complex, administrative and counseling offices, playground facilities, a soccer field and ball diamond. Joy Ranch is physically located in Carroll County at 813 Joy Ranch Road, ¾ mile south of Highway 58 in Woodlawn, Virginia.

Every three months, residents look forward to a weekend at Joy Ranch with their parents or guardians. Parents / guardians are invited to receive training in parenting skills, enjoy meals on campus with their children, and then spend time in training with the kids. After the training is over each day, residents and Parents / guardians enjoy an evening in the community spending time together and practicing the skills they have learned. To check the activities planned for the next Family weekend,

Joy Ranch Philosophy
Joy Ranch is committed to a family-based orientation in the treatment of children. Joy Ranch has attempted to gain the benefits of residential life while retaining a family life atmosphere. Our programs have been developed with the understanding that the child grows through developmental stages that impact the five areas of the person, these being the physical, cognitive, affective, social, and spiritual. The program makes use of an eclectic approach to problem solving which includes Reality Therapy, Behavioral-Cognitive Therapy, and Psycho-Social Theory. The mission and objectives of all programs at Joy Ranch is to bring wholeness and wellness to the child and his or her family.

Sexual Integrity Program

While this topic is Biblically intended to be a private issue and not for public discussion, the sad reality is that one in three youths have been molested or sexually abused. Though not all of the youth who come to Joy Ranch have suffered such atrocities almost all have a twisted sense of what the Lord intended the sexual relationship to be. Due to the media presentation of intimacy, youth believe lies regarding themselves and others. Joy Ranch strives to meet all the needs of residents and unfortunately in today’s world this includes teaching them about sexual integrity.

The program focuses in two specific areas – forgiveness and commitment to God and self. Overall, forgiveness is a point of struggle for the youth served. Therefore, this element coupled with commitment to God and self for sexual purity serves to set the youth on the road to sexual integrity

Joy Ranch

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(276) 236-5578

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