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Our approach is long-term. The average length of time we commit to a family and student is one year. We understand that for most adolescents, teens and young adults, changes take a long time. A lot of our clients contact us after their child has already been in at least one failed previous treatment setting.

What sets us apart is our exclusive focus on at-risk adolescents, struggling teens and young adults and our approach to their unique needs.

We help families find their way through the turmoil that often surrounds adolescents, teenagers and young adults who are struggling with:
Juvenile Legal Issues: Correctional center, detention center, jail, juvenile hall or a youth center alternative
Mood: Anxious, Compulsive, Serious depression, Cutting, Suicidal
School: Bad grades, coping with learning disabilities (ADD/ADHD, Dysgraphic students, Dyslexia, Neurological Disorders, etc.), expulsion, frustrated with academics, lacking motivation, skipping school, suspension, and truant.
Addictions: Alcohol, drugs, Internet, sex
Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, Anorexia athletica, Binge eating, Body dysmorphic, Compulsive eating

Behaviors: Angry, defiant, oppositional, physically or sexually aggressive
We also help coordinate and provide:
Emotional Intelligence and Personality Testing
Special Education Advocacy to help parents with Special Education and 'children at risk' issues
Transition services for youth graduating their program

Crisis Intervention
Emergency transport services

Coaching and mentoring for individuals and families
Plus, other related services
In evaluating each and every client, we use a detailed process of identifying, preparing, planning and implementing effective, efficient and strategic interventions for at-risk youth and young adults.

Family Coaching and Transitional planning is a critical element of our committment to the success of each adolescent, teen and young adult.

Experienced and honest, our team of Child Right's Advocates, Educational Consultants and Family Coaching professionals work to ensure your child's and family success.

The combination of our experience, quality of work, credentials, insider knowledge, and personalized approach cannot be matched.

We offer compassionate and concise assistance to parents who are in search of boarding schools, as well as specialized programs for at-risk adolescents and struggling teens.

We understand the doubts and questions parents have about placing their child in a different environment.

Our team includes a former Director of a private non-profit residential boarding school and an an author of a newspaper column for teens and families with over 20 years of combined experience. Experience and time gives us the unique opportunity to assist parents in the difficult journey of their child's healing. While we do limit the number of children and families that we work with, we do not limit the amount of time that we spend with you.

Nor do we charge extra for it!

We pledge not to accept any remuneration from any institution when program and school admissions are involved. This guarantees that the student is our only client and sole concern. The family is thus assured of not only professional but also impartial and objective counsel.

Families engage us privately to provide these services for their struggling teen and at at-risk adolescent or young adult.

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