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Separate boys and girls facilities

Call admissions department for current tuition.

Average 9 to 12 months

Adventure Academy USA (AA-USA) is a Christian, teen intervention program for
Christian families and teens. So many Christian families are inundated with the
problems inherent to secular culture. Our Christian teens bear the brunt of this
as they seek for a place within their peer groups and popular culture. Many
Christian families are separated and still many others are busily working to
provide for their families, as in two-earner families, and simply have not made
the time that they would like to have made for their teens.

Many parents, after realizing that their relationships with their teen has suffered,
are seeking the assistance of "troubled teen" programs; such as wilderness
therapy, therapeutic boarding schools, and residential treatment centers.
AA-USA provides a Christian alternative to these options. We believe, although
some teens are well-served by these "troubled teen" programs, many teens are
not troubled; rather, they lack the support and structure that they crave in order
to excel.

Our approach is simple. We provide Christian spiritual renewal and discipleship
training, an upbeat Christian environment, accredited academics to assist
students who may have fallen behind and to propel students to college
admissions, and blend these with the challenge of adventure
recreation/wilderness experiential education.

Some parents are looking to punish their teen. If so, AA-USA is NOT the right
program for you. AA-USA is a spiritual renewal program, utilizing adventure
based education. We do not provide boot camps. Our students just need a
change of pace, a new environment in which to excel, and solid Christian

Welcome to Adventure Academy USA!

Admissions Criteria
Adventure Academy USA is ideally suited for motivated
high-school students who prefer a hands-on (experiential)
approach to learning, blended with traditional styles. Students
who are having difficulty staying on task in school and/or learn
better by seeing, touching and doing are also well-suited for this

Adventure Academy USA does not accept students whose
behavior is out of control or students who are mentally
challenged, developmentally disabled, psychotic, suicidal,
physically abusive, or felony offenders. Students with chronic
substance abuse problems will not be considered, and should
seek help with a program that specializes in substance abuse

A student may apply to Adventure Academy USA at any time. If
accepted, students may enter the program based upon available
space during the year. Entering at the beginning of the school
year, or semester, is preferable for students wishing to complete
a full semester or year. Once an application has been received,
a telephone or personal interview must be scheduled. After the
admission process is completed and a one time entrance and
orientation fee has been received, a Parent/Student Manual is
sent and a date is set for the student to join the school. Parents
or prospective students who wish to receive an application may
contact Adventure Academy USA.

Application Process
1. Email AA-USA

2. Application Interview

3. Submit Application
a. $750
aa. $500 No-Refund
bb. $250 Refundable

4. Application Review

5. Admissions Decision

6. Handbooks sent out

7. Tuition Agreement
a. Enrollment/Arrival Set

Our students are very capable, caring, and intelligent kids. Likely your child has had difficulty in
school due to lack of motivation and may have begun shutting out authority figures to varying
extents. While intelligent, your child is likely making poor choices (experimentation with drugs/alcohol,
sex, circle of friends, giving up, etc.). The close relationship you once had, seems to be fading away.
You may have tried talking to a therapist and may even have been in sessions with your child.
Something is just not connecting, and while you have compromised many times in the past; you
aren't willing to compromise your child’s well-being anymore.

It is imperative that students seeking admission to Adventure Academy USA are motivated and
capable of taking their academics seriously. Students that do not fit this description would do well to
enroll in another program or a wilderness assessment program in order to begin a therapeutic
process. Applications can be kept on hold during the student’s wilderness-assessment program and
interviews can be held during or after their assessment program.

Students are involved in the course design of every
adventure camp, and take a substantial road trip every
month. In fact, our students are in adventure camps 2-3
weeks of every month. We utilize a primary base-camp in
historic Joseph, Oregon for rest, re-supply, and for
planning the next adventure. Since students co-design
each adventure, the following is an example of some
available adventures:

September- Arrival
Horse-supported Backpack

October- Re-supply @ Base Camp
NW Coast Road Bike Camp
Family Workshops

November- Re-supply @ Base Camp
Utah Mountain Bike Camp

December- Re-supply @ Base Camp
Dog-Sled Adventure Camp
Family Workshops
Christmas Break

no formal therapy is provided.

Wilderness Adventure

Adventure Academy USA is an early-intervention,
adventure-focused opportunity for youth to step
outside of their peer groups and take the time to
reconnect with their values and relationships.

It is a time to re-kindle Faith!

Before we address the question "Why should parents apply for financial aid?", let’s look at what God’s Word says about money.

There are six principles that are found in Matthew 25 in the "parable of the talents" that one needs to understand.

God is sovereign. He has entrusted and endowed us with money -- some much, some less, and some little.
God wants us to invest the money He gives us for His causes.
God reminds us that we must account for the money He gives us.
Money will either bring us reward or rebuke.
God's approval is based on our faithfulness and stewardship, not the amount of money we have.
There are only two kinds of servants -— good and faithful or wicked and slothful.
Understanding these principles will help us understand that God never intended our Christian schools to be designed just for those
that are wealthy. At the same time God does not expect a school to sacrifice excellence and quality by keeping its tuition artificially
low so that those with less money can attend.

What is the answer? [We] believe that the answer is twofold:

Charge what it costs to provide quality educational services and
Offer financial aid to assist those who can not afford to pay.
Parents then who apply for financial aid are assisting the school by:

Providing a cross section of socio-economic levels that is healthy for the school and giving the school the same mix as our society.
Filling up empty seats that otherwise would not be filled. Once the teacher has been hired, then the cost of having 18 students in
the class as opposed to 14 students is minimal.
Providing additional revenue to the school. Using the illustration listed above, the additional four students in this classroom will
provide significant revenue even if they receive a 50% grant. Multiplying that number by the total number of classrooms gives a
significant increase in tuition dollars. Additional income will also be provided when you charge what it costs and when you eliminate
multi-child discounts. It does not cost less money to educate the second child in a family, and, when you provide discounts, you in
fact are providing financial aid to the wealthiest families in the school. Providing need-based financial aid to those who qualify will
provide the help needed when you have more than one child enrolled in the school.
Bottom line then is a "win-win" situation for both the parent and the school. The families who have to apply for financial aid need not
be ashamed. Remember that God is sovereign. He has entrusted and endowed us with money -— some much, some less, and
some little.

Be a good steward of that which God has given you and understand that God has given clear direction to those whom He has
blessed with more.

"At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. Then there will be
II Corinthians 8:14

Schools can in good conscience take a portion of every tuition dollar to provide the needed dollars to fund a need-based financial
aid program.

FFNA • P.O. Box 488 • Hernando • Mississippi • 38632-0488
phone 662-429-3473 • fax 662-429-8500

Program Staff:
Mentor- Front-line staff member, usually college-age
Lead Mentor- Staff-team leader, front-line student work, post college
Coordinator- Logistical, Administrative, and Operational support
Director- Program leadership, staff and student development

Professional Staff and Consultants:
Counselor (Masters-level)
Student Research Coordinator
Academic Coordinator

Executive Staff:
Campus Pastor
Director of the Academy
Executive Directors

Oversight Council (non-employees/un-salaried positions):
D.B. and Greta Palmer:
Co-Founders of Palmer Adventures, LLC and AA-USA
-Organizational Leadership/Development-
David and Melody Murray:
Marketing and Real Estate professionals and Worship leaders
-Corporate Affairs-
Bob and Wendy Nass:
Camp Development and Leadership, Logistics, and Recreation
-Program Development/Leadership

"Adventure Academy USA was designed with teens in mind. Our programming stretches youth to look outside
themselves, broadens horizons, and challenges teens to accept greater responsibility for their lives."
- DB Palmer

Palmer Adventures, LLC
is hiring both seasonal and full-time positions for:

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Rising to the occasion...
AA-USA Executive Director,
DB Palmer, "I use time like
this (tandem summit of Mt.
Rainier) to refuel myself for
the job ahead, and to remind
me of how blessed we are."
Adventure Academy USA-
Every semester provides new
opportunities and challenges
for our staff team. To 'exceed
the need', AA-USA has regular
staff retreats and workshops.

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