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Many of our students complete their treatment in as little as 6 months. Our average length of stay is approximately 9 months. We try to focus more on positive outcomes and less on time frames, while still remaining sensitive to the financial and emotional needs of the family.

Our treatment program is designed exclusively for boys age 13-17 suffering from depression or low self-esteem. While behaviors vary, common issues treated at Focal Point Academy include oppositional defiance, drug or alcohol abuse, parent/child conflict, suicide ideation, learning disabilities, adoption issues, and school failure. Our residential treatment program successfully helps many troubled young men change behavior patterns and make better choices. This is done through intensive therapeutic intervention delivered in a safe and nurturing environment.

Contact our admissions director, Boyd Hooper by dialing 801.380.3525. You may also download our application from our website and send it to us via email or fax. We recommend that parents visit to our facility to tour and meet our staff. We realize this may not be possible due to the urgency to place or travel considerations. The last step would be to make financial arrangements and schedule the admission date for your son.

Two of the most common problems we treat at Focal Point are depression and opposition-defiance. Our typical student has low self-esteem and is struggling with authority. Other common problems we address include drug abuse, school failure, trauma/abuse, mood disorders, and family discord, etc.

Oak Meadow Jr. and High School is an exciting alternative for secondary education, open to any student enrolled at Focal Point Academy. This full-time traditional and computer-based program offers a full slate of high school classes through a combination of face-to-face instruction, in-home Internet-delivered curriculum, and supplemental assignments from licensed teachers. Students attend classes at our campus Monday through Friday 8am-3pm, receiving instruction in each class in which they are enrolled.

Brigham Young University Independant Study Curriculum allows us to also offer courses for grades 7-12 for any of our students who need to get caught up academically or work at their own pace. We are fully accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS), formerly known as the NASCU, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), and the Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation (CITA). Our accreditation source is reciprocal with other regional accreditation agencies, meaning that earned credits are 100% transferable

we offer access to a sports court, basketball courts, soccer field, ropes course, and much more. Students may also choose to participate with community service, recreation, music, or art projects. Focal Point believes that coupling nature with a constructive environment aids emotional healing.

We begin with needs assessment. Student and guardian will have to complete therapy assignments before moving on to the next therapy level. The positive approach to youth development is not about crisis management or about stopping and preventing problems. Our program is about investing wisely in our youth, increasing their exposure to positive, constructive activities, and instilling values and skills that will guide them the rest of their adult lives.

Our therapeutic intervention is based on a 9-12 month residential placement in a group home setting that mirrors the family. Focal Point Academy promotes the following clinical model:

Family Systems Model Positive Peer Culture DBT/CBT Therapy
Accredited Individual Academics Family Therapy PSG Groups
Sunrise and Sunset Groups Experiential Groups Phase Groups
Individual Therapy Sessions Specialty Groups Life Skills

Groups are based on need. They will specialize in substance abuse, phase level groups, adoption groups, milieu groups, loss and grief, gender specific issues, learning manners and life skills, etc.

What is CBT Therapy?
Cognitive and behavioral therapy addresses faulty personal beliefs and thinking errors often utilized by troubled youth. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy suggests that if an individual changes the way he/she engages in the thought processes, it will change the way they manage their behavior.
Cognitive and behavioral changes will be managed and rewarded through a level system, in which students earn increasing responsibility and privileges. Expectations regarding each child's progress will vary according to age and understanding.

What is DBT Theory?
DBT maintains that some people, due to invalidating environments during upbringing, such as school, home, church, or peers, and due to biological factors as yet unknown, react abnormally to emotional situations. Because they feel de-valued, whether real or perceived, they have very few methods for coping with these sudden, intense surges of emotion. DBT is a method for teaching skills that will help our students learn to de-escalate and return to a more appropriate level of interaction with family and peers.

Family Systems
The students reside in a secure group home that has a structured environment and models family interaction. Therapeutic resources are available to meet student's developmental needs. Therapy will focus on decreasing aggression and improving impulse control, alleviating depressive and anxious symptoms, while learning to manage frustration, anger, and tolerance. Students will learn how to engage in conflict resolution within a family system and will be taught life skills by participating in "life skills development." Family therapy will be provided via phone conferences and on campus workshops. Students, will learn to develop appropriate social and peer relationships, learn to decrease oppositional cognitions and behaviors, and will receive individualized academic attention and support.

Peer Culture
Focal Point Academy promotes a positive peer culture. Youth encourage one another to reach goals they have set for themselves and for their group. Young men learn that their behaviors and actions affect the entire group. This immediate feedback on behavior teaches your son consequences and the importance of responsibility. As with DBT/CBT intervention, the positive peer culture approach, allows the students to learn how to interact in a positive problem solution manner within the family. Experience has taught us that under the supervision and guidance of skilled Group Counselors, students are able to impact one another in a manner which produces lasting change.

Focal Point maintains a home-style environment. Your son will have 2 or 3 roommates. We provide all the amenities of a regular home. Outside, we offer access to a sports court, basketball courts, soccer field, ropes course, and much more. Students may also choose to participate with community service, recreation, music, or art projects. Focal Point believes that coupling nature with a constructive environment aids emotional healing.

Qualified, Experienced Staff. Focal Point therapists have at least a Master's Degree and many years of experience in working with male adolescent issues.

Our Management Team

Focal Point Academy is a place of learning in the areas of personal growth, spirituality, academics, community responsibility, leadership, and practical career education for young men. The Academy is operated by a full-time Executive Director who has extensive experience in the field of residential treatment and youth programs. The owners, Shaquel Cannon and Glen Horlacher share duties in overseeing and assisting in the operation of the facility.

Glen Horlacher, MS, MFT, Executive Director & Co-owner. Glen has 15 years experience working with youth in private practive, court systems, and non-profit organizations. Glen continues to work closely with judges, case workers, and families in designing appropriate activities, programs, and work shops for troubled teens. Glen received his bachelors from Southern Utah University and his masters from University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Shaquel Cannon, Program Director & Co-owner. Shaquel brings a wealth of experience to Focal Point Academy from the Juvinile Justice System for the State of Utah. For over 10 years, Shaquel was given unprecedented latitude in creating programs and activities designed to help kids to return home with new attitudes adn beliefs in themselves. Shaquel is married and is the mother of twins, Rudy and Kylie. Shaquel attended The University of Utah.

Kellee Horlacher, MS, Education Director. Kellee, is a licensed teacher and has had over 10 years experience teaching in both the public and private school arenas. Her specialty is learning assessment and designing individualized learning curriculum. For the last 5 years, Kellee has been directing a pilot program for children who perform better in a non-traditional learning environment. Kellee received her bachelors degree from Southern Utah University and her masters from Grand Canyon University.

Merri Ciserella, Residential Life Director, before joining Focal Point, Merri was employed at various programs for youth, both in the juvinile justice system and in private treatment. As a supervisor, Merri was responsible for working one-on-one with the students, monitoring group therapy and acting as a parent advocate. Merri's tenure and experience working with at-risk youth allows us to offer "Best-of-Class" service for all those involved with Focal Point Academy. Merri attended the University of Utah, she is married and has three daughters.

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