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Caring 4 Youth is a network of independent educational consultants and family counselors providing assistance to families and troubled teens in need of specialty schools or programs. We work with you. Our highly trained and experienced staff work to assist you in finding the best option for your family.

Caring 4 Youth offers services that help families find much needed support. We represent the child and the family. The teen help industry is overwhelming and confusing, without knowledge and experience a family could easily make costly emotional and financial mistakes. Caring 4 Youth offers experienced and knowledgable counselors to assist each family in making good decisions.

The staff at Caring 4 Youth is dedicated to bringing change to the troubled teen industry. We pride ourselves on integrity in marketing and in counseling. Our primary goal is the safe placement of children in appropriate programs. We are upfront and honest about our practices and our intentions. We work for the family to find the best option for their child. We suggest only schools that have been screened, approved, and even visited by our team, or one of our independent consultants.

Our responsibility is to reccomend the appropriate school, program, or consultant that will best meet your child’s individual needs; We want to be sure that the program selected will foster academic, emotional, and social growth in your teen. Caring 4 Youth and our affiliates provide your family with individual attention, expert advice, and the time to explore all of the possible options.

You may ask how we generate revenue. This site is sponsored by USA Guides the nations premier youth transport company. Our staff and associated educational counselors work as independent professionals for the family. Our affiliate educational counselors have options that fit any budget, and you’ll find that their consultation fees are reasonable. If you are ready to spend 30 to 50 thousand dollars to help your child change their life, it is wise to have an expert assist in the selection of a program that is best suited to address your child's specific issues? Why not have the piece of mind that a trusted counselor can give? We can help you and your teen.

Are you ready for immediate help? Please fill out our simple troubled teen online help form, and one of our trained staff will contact you. If you need immediate assistance, feel free to give us a call at:

Caring 4 Youth 1-866-968-8409

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If you are reading this then you are looking for help. The search on the internet can be endless, you have found the site that will help you with all your questions. Before you decide on a program, take a minute and call a family consultant to review your situation and reccomend the program that is right for your child!

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Featured Teen Help Providers

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