Christian Boarding Schools in Missouri MO

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Agape Boarding School in Missouri (MO)

With the sincere desire to help the lives of troubled children, the Agapé Boarding School (a ministry of Agapé Baptist Church), was born. It was founded in April, 1990, by James and Kathy Clemensen, along with their son and daughter-in-law, Bryan and Kirsty Clemensen. The ministry first began in the Clemensen's home. It was just a year and a half after taking in their first boys, that their enro...

Anchor Academy in Missouri (MO)

The Anchor Academy is a faith-based ministry. We take troubled and at-risk boys ages 13-17 for a minimum stay of one year. The program is very structured and focuses on character building, respect for authority, hard work, establishing goals, and reconciling families. We work on changing the outside, while God works on the heart. This creates an atmosphere of tough-love discipline where the yo...

Future Men Today in Missouri (MO)

Our desire is to train young men to put off childish behaviors and obsessions with the trivial distractions of this life (godless music, foolish friends, slothfulness, anger, disrespect, offensive language/habits, sloppy clothing, lack of self-control), and to subsequently embrace the responsibilities and freedoms that come with true manhood (respect for authority, strong work ethic, obedience, an...

Lighthouse Christian Academy/ABM Family Preparator in Missouri (MO)

It is our belief that through structured and modeled instruction teens can learn to overcome the obstacles that have been causing them to fall behind in school and in other areas of their personal growth. By having an understanding of Biblical principles and knowing how to properly implement them into their lives, they can overcome peer pressures and faulty thinking that lead to undesired conseque...

New Beginnings in Missouri (MO)


Refuge of Grace in Missouri (MO)

Do you remember the hopes and dreams you had for your daughter when she was just a toddler? You wanted so much for her back then, just as you still do. But something has happened since those early days that was not a part of those hopes and dreams. Somewhere along the way that young girl you care so much about began to make unwise choices and show attitudes that have caused your heart to drop in s...

Shelterwood in Missouri (MO)

Shelterwood is a fully accredited, treatment-oriented boarding school for troubled teens designed to help boys and girls who are failing in school, at home, or within the community. Our tuition is far lower than the national average for therapeutic boarding schools because we are partially supported by donations....

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