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Both the military and struggling teens with a lack of self-esteem have changed over the last generation. The military, and military schools are more discriminating than they used to be; now they do not take young people with anything more than slight behavior troubles. Boot camps do work with more serious behaviors, but are based on a philosophy of altering behavior through penalty. For punishment to be effectual, a child must have an understanding of cause and effect, and how consequences work. For the most part the present generations of children who are in Emotional Growth schools and programs have not seized the idea of cause and effect and don't appreciate how consequences work. Punishment boomerangs with these children since they don't understand their behavior had anything to do with the punishment, and are likely to presume the adult doesn't like them. They are more likely to learn encouraging attitudes from solid, reliable and proper consequences than they are to learn from punishment by a boot camp drill sergeant.

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