Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Students with special therapeutic requirements require access to programs and schools that are designed to address both their academic and therapeutic needs.

These are called Therapeutic Boarding schools and are also recognized as Emotional Growth schools. These programs and schools are for students who are not productively and successfully functioning and performing in a traditional setting such as a local private or pubic school.

These programs and schools are completely accredited and have continual year round rolling admissions. The set of courses is balanced between the academic and the emotional growth needs of the child.

The adolescent is provided with group and individual therapy in a constructive and positive helpful and supportive atmosphere and environment.

The program schools are small with enrollment usually between 17-75 students, so the child is not just a number,rather a productive part of a healthy peer environment and group setting.

With the recent growth and expansion of therapeutic programs both in the United States and other countries, parents and professionals are faced with the challenge to select the right therapeutic program or school for their child.

The period of time the child is at the program usually runs somewhere between 12 to 36 months depending upon the child's developmental needs. While the severity of the adolescent's behavior and performance may be an obstacle to admittance at certain programs and schools, a positive program can be found for a variety of educational and emotional proficiencies. Our experience and training allows us to recommend interventions and schools that meet a student's therapeutic and academic needs.

The services provided by Horizon Family Solutions are unique because of the knowledge of specialized facilities, the understanding of clinical issues, a personal approach to selecting resources and the ability to help families get the best results for their investment.

We have extensive experience assisting parents in selecting:

  • Emotional growth boarding schools
  • Residential therapeutic treatment centers
  • Therapeutic boarding schools
  • Therapeutic chemical dependency programs
  • Therapeutic wilderness programs

Some of the most common behavioral and/or emotional problems associated with therapeutic boarding schools:

  • Depression
  • Drug or Alcohol abuse
  • Failure at making healthy peer relationships
  • Family Problems
  • School failure

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  • Recommendation of preferred schools and programs
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