Wilderness Programs in Montana MT

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Dancing Moon Expeditions- in Montana (MT)

Dancing Moon Expeditions is about opportunity -- the opportunity that a time-out in nature with skilled therapists and experienced instructors can provide to struggling children and adolescents....

Galena Ridge- in Montana (MT)

Provides a small, high quality, rigorous outdoor adventure program with strong counseling support. ...

Inner Roads Youth Homes in Montana (MT)

Wilderness therapy programs significantly improve self-concept, reduce aggressive and self-destructive behaviors, enhance an internal locus of control, improve general family functioning, build interpersonal skills, and increase the ability to form healthy relationships (Cason & Gillis, 1994; Sachs & Miller, 1992; Russell, 1999; Sakofs,1991). This is remarkable, considering that the majority of p...

Wilderness Treatment Center in Montana (MT)

Wilderness Treatment Center is a 60 day inpatient chemical dependency treatment facility for adolescents / young men between the ages of 14 and 24. It combines a conventional 30 day inpatient stay with a 16-21 day wilderness expedition. As always, each of the expeditions is staffed by one of the counselors and a wilderness instructor for the duration of the trip. The two components and length of s...

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